RESURRECTION - Rescue of a VW 1955 panelvan - Forest find !

ავტომობილები & ტრანსპორტი

AirMapp & Serial Kombi present "RESURRECTION", a short movie about the found and the rescue of my 1955 panelvan. It was abandonned deep in a french alps valley since at least 40 years and we pulled it out of the forest in september 2016 by "restoring" it on site and driving it down the mountain !
Hope you will enjoy this video.
Music list at the end of the movie.
Filmed with 5D mark II, GoPro Hero4 black edition and a 3DR solo drone.


  • Lachguer Jamila
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  • Lachguer Jamila
    Lachguer Jamila3 დღის წინ

    Je l l'adore

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    c'est chaud ! t'as volé l'esprit de la forêt !

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    Great work, guys. 👍🏾😎

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    Bravo pour le secours du vane mais comment et thil arriver la c quoi son histoire 👍👍👍👍

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    Like from Russia🇷🇺 👍

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    Please tell us how much you bought the combi for

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    Haufen Schrott !

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    اهلن اهلن اهلن بل حولو

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    @أمير الحب هلو يا حولو

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  • kiran B
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    Love the spirit brother... Was seriously bugged by my 1.6 TDI, feeling like keeping her for a longer time after seeing you save the van that is older than me!

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    super ecolo le road trip dans les bois, la classe !!

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    ❤❤Volkswagen ❤❤😘😘

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    That's a hard core recovery!

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    Great Subhanallah ❤

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    kanon fynd! och bra jobbat grabbar.....

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    hombre motor nuevo pues claro que arranca

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    Why so many 👎👎👎 ???

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    Cool guys

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    Man, now that is what I call a proper rescue fantastic job guys!!!!

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    Great music selection! and awesome bus

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    Incroyable les gars !! Bravo !!

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    3:37 new vw combi van 2015

  • Shelby M
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    Really great video. Just picked up my 69’ Volkswagen bus today! It’s been a project but I finally have the engine going and now just need some interior work!

  • Nadia Berthin
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    Dommage qu'on puisse pas mettre 1000 pouces bleus ! J'l'aurais fait !

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    nice save.. hope resto goes well

  • Maury Figaroli
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    Wow!great rescue, guess the most intense ever here on youtube! ...and...What kind of extractor is the one at 3:53??

  • Anthony Sinclair
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    I've had aircooled vw's for 44 years now and this story ranks in the top 100 stories for sure , maybe even in the top one! Lol 👍

    LITTLE3 თვის წინ

    Hey, look, it's Filmore!

  • День Из Жизни
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    Бл*ть у меня у тестя УАЗ буханка, так же выглядит и тоже ездит😀😀😀

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    Жан Клод Ван Дамм.

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    German Cars are the best!

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    Did you know the angry German man from ww2 made Volkswagen

  • Noah Hayes
    Noah Hayes3 თვის წინ

    Freaking awesome, so glad you saved this bus from being forgotten. If Vehicles has souls, I could only image what it's been through from the moment it was parked there to the moment it left.

  • TheMaikMaster
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    every once in while i rewatch this video, everytime it makes me sad to see the little bus sitting in this forest for 40 years, the moment when it drives down the gravel and finally touches the asphalt again is so unbelievable satisfying.

  • Danda257
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    You Are God you save The van

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    W. W. W. W. Welcome

    UGPC CHURCH4 თვის წინ

    Very nice, wonderful work, it`s really amazing. You all have done great work. Stay blessed in Jesus Christ!

  • Ruben Rachetti
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    Se nota cuando hay amor para rescatar a un vehiculi tan nobke como una Kombi VW no hay nada que nos detenga, se hace lo imposible para rescatarlo, mucha desicion, paciencia y colaboracion de amugis para que se concrete ese sueñi de rescate; aplaudo esa mision y valoro cada instante para hacerlo!!! Los felicito !!!

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  • I Am
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    Hi Flori, after 3 years, my '58 Kombi Alaskan forest find is back on the road again. December 8 it was -17C and we took her out for her first ride in probably 40 years, just like yours✌️Cheers, thanks for the inspiration!

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    Fiquei emocionado! Parabéns! Compartilhei no meu grupo chamado Kombi & Família. Sejam bem vindos!

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    What a great production! You rocked this one. Great music too.

  • Diana Avila
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    Good taste in cars and music, congrats for the combi, i love the Cash&Combi combination

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    fantastic work!

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    Ola que ase XD

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    era tan simple grande buena y a un bajo costo que fue y es el auto perfecto

  • Daniel Murray
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    Brilliant watched this 4-5 years ago,just watched it now just as good...Love it!

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    Courage ou inconscience ?

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    just passion

  • Kevin Foy
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    Absolutely brilliant. That made me and my wife very emotional. Would make a great childrens bookl xx

  • Kavindu Piyumanga
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    What has happened to the bus after that? Is it fully restored?

  • Marco de Vries
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    The irony of a VW bus found by a mushroom picker.

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    Thanks for fixing some old history

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    Finally some normal people.

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    It's alive, it's alive ,it's alive...

  • John Eastman
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    This is a very fine video, the project and these men’s friendships are inspiring. Much appreciate that boys are French, but have chosen an America songwriter’s Music to express the resurrection triumph of their joyful labor of love for Kombie.

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    je voudrais travailler avec vous si possible

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    Смесь буханки и летающей машины из Гарри Поттера

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    Ага похоже)))

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    Can I have it

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    Yea sure here take the keys

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    That is my car, I parked it there!

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    Lucky guys geting free car from forest lol

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    Who's remember the lost ? 😭

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    Kiliyamannil Haris., Mankada Pallippuram., Malappuram (Dt)., Kerala India., Mob :+91 7356797743...

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    La plus belle histoire de vw 😘

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    Thank you.... Merci For restoring this magic...I feel empathy for these cars as they suffer.😪😢

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    C'est ma belle-mère mdr !

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    "On My One" by Jake Bugg

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    @Adam VX 10lat temu jak ją kupowaliśmy to było jeszcze niedużo. Teraz ceny oszalały.

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    Zazdroszczę wam takiego ogórka. Ile daliście za niego?

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    Wie verrückt ist das denn? Buli im Wald finden und ihn dort fahrtauglich machen. Einfach genial. Weiter so, bleibt gesund

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    That’s my dream car but the color pink with white trim!

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    Trippy Trellis

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    It was left to rot with a new engine.

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    Very inspiring. Just shared this with my daughter. Thanks

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    VOICE OF YAHYA8 თვის წინ


    VOICE OF YAHYA8 თვის წინ


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    Amazing find!

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    superbe histoire et video,j'espere que le combi restera dans son jus.

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    That is a testament to being iconic. I don't think people will do this with modern cars on 40 years.

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    This video got me into cars. It all started here, with the barndoor.


    Felicidades,tienes un gran canal, me gusta micho, ya me suscribi, espero que te guste mi canal, gracias y por aqui nos vemos, adios😉🤗👌🚙🚗⛽🎵 Congratulations, you have a great channel, I like it a lot, I already subscribe, I hope you like my channel, thank you and here see you, goodbye😉🤗👌🚙🚗

  • Christopher Rodmell
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    Imagine some old guy watching this and remembering that was his 1955 Volkswagen Bus he abandoned there in the 1970’s, and then after he drove it to the spot he abandoned the bus at, 40 years the bus was finally leaving the forest

  • Jerônimo Cussolim Neto
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    2020 vendo esses guerreiros trazendo de volta a vida um excelente clássico da VW... Um forte abraço meus amigos. .

  • H Q
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    Or you have to crank it?

  • H Q
    H Q8 თვის წინ

    Does it have an electric starter?

  • vdub nut

    vdub nut

    7 თვის წინ

    They did have electric starters, the hand crank was there as a backup. I think they had provisions for the hand crank until about 1960.

  • Edward Dennis

    Edward Dennis

    7 თვის წინ

    You have to crank them. In those days Volkswagen did not fit electrical starter motors. Seems the vans owner is not replying to people here.

  • H Q
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    Awesome work

  • Christopher Rodmell
    Christopher Rodmell8 თვის წინ

    I kinda wonder why someone would take a classic bus, drive it into that forest and take it deep really deep inside the forest, and park in between the two trees and then just leave it behind to rot, like imagine being some old guy who turns out to be the one who abandoned the bus there in the 1970’s, and then said he was having problems with the bus so he took it deep into the forest and abandoned it

  • Sonny Haskins
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    Those " before" pix almost resemble a skeleton with 'cob-webs'.....

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