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how 2 vent #amongus
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  • Julian Hawj
    Julian Hawj44 წამის წინ

    Poki 1:58

  • i am cat
    i am catწუთის წინ

    As nice as this video is, the probability that’s man’s might be in pain (as far as I know) while recording really has my anxiety acting up

  • Kendesia Mitchell
    Kendesia Mitchell11 წუთის წინ

    Date pokimane

  • ꧁ThAt WEEB꧂
    ꧁ThAt WEEB꧂15 წუთის წინ

    you so nice for saying that!!

  • tegan cunningham
    tegan cunningham48 წუთის წინ

    just me binge watching corpse's vids all day :)

  • Aiden Uriostegui
    Aiden Uriosteguiსაათის წინ

    Why is she doing makeup for like what

  • Beatles Best Band
    Beatles Best Bandსაათის წინ

    Who else wants to see his face 🤧 ❤️🥺 ✨Take care corpse ✨👑

  • Cosmo&friends!!!
    Cosmo&friends!!!საათის წინ

    Hahaha so funny 😆 they had no idea

  • Yung Jp
    Yung Jpსაათის წინ

    ✌️ more like ✊

  • NightWalker Plays s
    NightWalker Plays sსაათის წინ

    corpse and toast as imposyters is gg

  • Bob Boinkder
    Bob Boinkderსაათის წინ

    Can you play with zenm

  • kanari
    kanariსაათის წინ

    How come he kind of looks like PewDiePie

  • Yamilex's Lawyer
    Yamilex's Lawyerსაათის წინ

    Everyone:it’s corpse Corpse:it’s not me guys With his low voice* Everyone:TheN iTs jAcK Random name btw

  • Alayah Norman
    Alayah Normanსაათის წინ

    No one: Corpse faking a task:Beep beep beep

  • shila_gamer
    shila_gamerსაათის წინ


  • Timy'la Johnson
    Timy'la Johnsonსაათის წინ

    Is ur voice really low like that

  • SkatingPlays
    SkatingPlays2 საათის წინ

    i love how poki is just fixing her makeup 2:06 XD

  • Amirah Hasanah
    Amirah Hasanah2 საათის წინ

    I'm pissed off on people who thinks office in MIRA HQ is an electrical, EVEN IF ITS THE PLACE WHERE YOU FIX THE LIGHTS YOU DONT HAVE TO CALL IT ELECTRICAL

  • Sarah Roblox
    Sarah Roblox2 საათის წინ

    Corpse is probably the best imposter to ever exist in among Us. Edit: and yes i liked my own comment cause why not.

  • Victor Guillen
    Victor Guillen2 საათის წინ

    Hey hear me out collab with bella porch

  • Izzy Martinez
    Izzy Martinez2 საათის წინ

    Not me now just seeing my boy eaJ his music is beautiful

  • Sama Yousif
    Sama Yousif2 საათის წინ

    y is coprse so good at among us like dude?

  • Flix0-YT
    Flix0-YT2 საათის წინ

    best imposter plays EVER!!! gg bro love u

  • Abygale Kircher
    Abygale Kircher2 საათის წინ

    0:55 Corpse that's not download 😂

  • Eitan Levin
    Eitan Levin3 საათის წინ

    who are you where your face ?????????????/????????????

  • Brandon Yip
    Brandon Yip3 საათის წინ

    The editing in this video is absolutely nuts. Getting everyone's facecams at the exact moment they're all talking

  • justin jiang
    justin jiang3 საათის წინ

    Me: gets imposter YESSSS then just get vote off Corpse: get imposter noo win the game ez

  • Sandy Rivera
    Sandy Rivera3 საათის წინ

    Corpse: The Imposter Also Corpse: Talks Everyone: There's no way I'm accusing him.

  • Jayce Draws
    Jayce Draws3 საათის წინ


  • Ban Sinar
    Ban Sinar3 საათის წინ

    Istg if corpse was my brotha i be in heaven-

  • Andrey Luiz
    Andrey Luiz3 საათის წინ

    Corpses's voice is so low that it hits a G#1. Love your voice, Corpse. ❤️

  • Andrey Luiz
    Andrey Luiz3 საათის წინ

    Corpse, do you sing?

  • Fell char 2.0
    Fell char 2.03 საათის წინ

    Lesley:blames sykkuno Me:DON'T BLAME SYKKUNO

  • John Tansky
    John Tansky4 საათის წინ

    Corpse haves the best voice for among us

  • Cizical Fn
    Cizical Fn4 საათის წინ

    Dont u luv when he says "Anyways here's some clips of me killing my friends"

  • Nobody
    Nobody4 საათის წინ

    At 48:06 toast looked disgusted

  • hi
    hi4 საათის წინ

    sooo no one is gonna mention about his voice, I was like.. "damn"..

  • Tiffany Cruz
    Tiffany Cruz4 საათის წინ

    Tell me why corpse is always imposter

  • Dimitar Cvetinov
    Dimitar Cvetinov4 საათის წინ

    omg you voice is so deep is so cool

  • Anna Sorrenti
    Anna Sorrenti4 საათის წინ


  • Personalitiesxz xX
    Personalitiesxz xX5 საათის წინ

    i love the borderlands 2 music

    WILLIAM MAGEE5 საათის წინ

    This is how many people are here for corpses voice and not the gameplay⬇️

  • Ban Sinar
    Ban Sinar5 საათის წინ

    His laugh got me laughin too dude 😂😂😂😂

  • Karsyn Wright
    Karsyn Wright5 საათის წინ

    46:23 i love how courage is just eating as this is all going down 😂

  • Ban Sinar
    Ban Sinar5 საათის წინ

    Wait how did he win-

  • Archie Histed
    Archie Histed5 საათის წინ

    James make sounds like echo location lol

  • s n o o dy ST
    s n o o dy ST5 საათის წინ

    corpse is a wonderful impostor and crewmate all in one change my mind..

  • RakinPlays
    RakinPlays5 საათის წინ

    Everyone: Talking and discussing who is impostor on first body Poki: *Applies makeup on her face*

  • Mrs.nXddlesbxtCh
    Mrs.nXddlesbxtCh6 საათის წინ

    16:27 i- (I'm sorry corpse.... marry me)

  • Just a Night owl that Has insomnia
    Just a Night owl that Has insomnia6 საათის წინ

    Nobody... Nobody AT ALL: corpse: *”Anyways here’s clips of me killing my friends”*

  • Francis The pope
    Francis The pope6 საათის წინ

    “beep....beep.....beep..” 🤤

  • dropin gameplay
    dropin gameplay6 საათის წინ

    Oh my God your voice

  • Debuff on Demand
    Debuff on Demand6 საათის წინ

    Ah Corpse, you're such an innocent imposter. Just doing tasks to unsabotage the team 😂

  • CEO of toast
    CEO of toast6 საათის წინ

    How is he so good a lying

  • FifaMaster7922
    FifaMaster79226 საათის წინ

    corpse is the only person who is disappointed to be impostor.

  • Genesis Maldonado
    Genesis Maldonado6 საათის წინ

    Does anybody want to know who he is or something I want to know

  • AvZ Gaming
    AvZ Gaming7 საათის წინ

    Corpse i just wish I had that beautiful and charming voice of yours

  • Fan Dew
    Fan Dew7 საათის წინ

    Ninja kill lol

  • Alpha Flame
    Alpha Flame7 საათის წინ

    Corpse is the 1# imposter

  • Achint Kumar
    Achint Kumar7 საათის წინ


  • SirBearingtonOfLondon
    SirBearingtonOfLondon7 საათის წინ

    I just found your channel and I love your horror stories!!

  • Thatguywhoplays 136
    Thatguywhoplays 1368 საათის წინ

    Jacksepticguy 2.0?

  • Abhai p
    Abhai p8 საათის წინ

    I need to play with u guys.. Please. Just once...

  • Ella and Charles Best friend forever
    Ella and Charles Best friend forever8 საათის წინ

    I love you corpse

  • Sgt. Frog
    Sgt. Frog8 საათის წინ

    he sounds like mamamax

  • Marlon Dominguez
    Marlon Dominguez8 საათის წინ

    Why tf is James Charles there

  • Railley Tobber Samuel
    Railley Tobber Samuel8 საათის წინ

    You also a impostor you are a cheater I guees

  • Unkown Gamers
    Unkown Gamers9 საათის წინ

    His deep voice is amazing

  • san magiclife
    san magiclife9 საათის წინ

    Me:pink impostor Red says:pink do astroits everybody saw Everybody acept me:yes!!!!!!! Red:everybody together Me:gg

  • san magiclife

    san magiclife

    8 საათის წინ

    Toast iq:10000000000000

  • san magiclife

    san magiclife

    8 საათის წინ


  • san magiclife

    san magiclife

    8 საათის წინ


  • san magiclife

    san magiclife

    8 საათის წინ

    Rae:1 iq

  • san magiclife

    san magiclife

    9 საათის წინ

    Corpse:toast skiped keys Rae:no Corpse:after rae Rae:wat why Corpse:your helping toast Everybody :that's good to make rae and toast sus Rae and toast:nooo!!!!!!! Rae and toast was not the impostor Victory:corpse and sykuno Everybody gg Rae:well play

  • Its Clix-Plays
    Its Clix-Plays9 საათის წინ

    corpse: im doing download Also corpse: Doing divert power. XD

  • Sakar Limbu
    Sakar Limbu9 საათის წინ

    35:58 rae screams/ Shut up......😂😂😂

  • Waleed Alqahtani
    Waleed Alqahtani9 საათის წინ


  • ka
    ka10 საათის წინ

    First time I hear poki swear this many times. I thought she was clean :(

  • martt s
    martt s10 საათის წინ

    Can you please say in a Thanos voice: i am... inevitable!

  • h.h holmes.
    h.h holmes.10 საათის წინ

    *I Love You Jack*

  • Aperture Martin
    Aperture Martin10 საათის წინ


  • Tarik Dresevic
    Tarik Dresevic10 საათის წინ

    2:12 poki doing make-up lmao

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki11 საათის წინ

    If this is rude to u im so sorry but Your voice is more depressed than mine (Todoroki)

  • arla Dingemans
    arla Dingemans11 საათის წინ

    I love how Corpse gets away with the most rediculous kills.

  • Smol-Sensei Ash
    Smol-Sensei Ash11 საათის წინ

    2:03. Poki did make up task. She’s safe

  • Hanxxy’s Menu
    Hanxxy’s Menu11 საათის წინ

    Omfg my dad was like who do you listen to and I was like *cOrPsE hUsBaNd* and now he Stans you full time thinking you are the cool rock dude meanwhile you are a soft marshmallow

  • Deepak Reddy
    Deepak Reddy11 საათის წინ

    Don't cancel me but you kinda overated

  • Yeeterrh Is god
    Yeeterrh Is god12 საათის წინ

    His confidence in getting kills is inspiring me

  • Sahil Iqbal
    Sahil Iqbal12 საათის წინ

    Dude be a narrator.

  • Amy Mendez
    Amy Mendez12 საათის წინ

    I love u corpse u be funny af kinda makes my day

  • WDSS
    WDSS12 საათის წინ

    valkyrie and poke are annoying as shit lmao

  • Hap Mew
    Hap Mew12 საათის წინ

    Corpse:now I’m doing my download Me:umm it’s divert power

  • GameplayGaming
    GameplayGaming13 საათის წინ

    His voice sounds like Batman LoL

  • 8-Pains And 4ever
    8-Pains And 4ever13 საათის წინ

    Batman is that you

  • Kaaviya Krish
    Kaaviya Krish13 საათის წინ

    You all should definitely check out Arjun das from tamil film industry He has such a deep voice too and a cutie pie!

  • Gacha_AngelWolf
    Gacha_AngelWolf13 საათის წინ

    yo corpse i listen to your music they are pretty🙂

  • jose Monzon
    jose Monzon13 საათის წინ

    Corpse I will like to meet you in person and it will make my dream come true but you make my day when you make videos and I love your videos but I can't see you in person even though I want to see you so badly

  • Ndileka Nelly Ngema
    Ndileka Nelly Ngema13 საათის წინ

    Hey Corpse do u know why sykkuno keeps covering his smile?

  • Ndileka Nelly Ngema
    Ndileka Nelly Ngema13 საათის წინ

    CORPSE: Anyway here's clips of me killing my friends

    DJKAYSLICK14 საათის წინ

    Val: WHO HAS BALLS LIKE THAT ?! Corpse: (:

  • Lorri Sanderson
    Lorri Sanderson14 საათის წინ

    Corpse sounds like evil uno

  • Lorri Sanderson
    Lorri Sanderson14 საათის წინ

    You cant hate him his like best youtuber among us play on youtube

  • Blerina Maxhari
    Blerina Maxhari14 საათის წინ

    BRUH what is poking doing in 2:03

  • lou love's anime
    lou love's anime14 საათის წინ

    He needs to dub a character in an anime like if u agree

  • Walter
    Walter14 საათის წინ

    How the fuck you hit puberty that hard

  • officemaus


    13 საათის წინ

    he has a disease its called GERD i think but there is ACID in his throat a lot, then his throat got damaged and the voice happejs, every year it will get deeper until he can't speak