EXPERIMENT : Big Pink Eruption Volcano Toothpaste From Coca-cola ,Sprite ,Fanta , Mirinda and MENTOS

ხელნაკეთი ნივთები & სტილი

Hello friends, as you asked, again a big experiment. A very large volcano with sand to which the reaction of different soda (cola, fanta, mirindas, etc.) and menthos was made. The eruption turned out to be very interesting!)
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Don't try this anywhere, we're just doing this for education to show what happends.
This channel is scientific and educational and we are professionals in our field with special education.never repeat this!
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    das ist eine wasser Verschwendung

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    that was so cool

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    Pink krakatoa :D

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    @M4 Tech

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    Looks like elephant toothpaste

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    If that is made out of cotton candy i would eat it.

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    Here is the part to save some time/ the actual eruption,8:30

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    I'm thinking how the mixture of cold drinks tastes 🌝🌝🤤🥤🥤

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    Really amazing hattsoff

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    Is that giant pink thing edible? I wanna eat it.

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    Chale los que les gusta mucho las sodas al ver este video ;--;

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