COOLEST VW Bus Ever Built!?!?

ავტომობილები & ტრანსპორტი

Behind door #1 is…a Big Block Bus? with Nitrous? Labor bed handles? A boat engine? These are our favorite cars, 100% resourceful ingenuity and creativity! Our buddy Mike had those traits by the boat loads, and not to mention then engine from one!?!? We saw the beast rolling through the pits of South Georgia Motorsports Parkway during No Mercy 7 and up until we heard it rumblin’ as it pulled up…we had no idea what was inside. If you’re as shocked as we were, Just imagined how shocked the Vette he mentions in the video had to have been as this old bus kept even with him on the highway!
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  • David Swingle
    David Swingle4 დღის წინ

    I would own that in a heartbeat very cool

  • Dale Francis
    Dale Francis10 დღის წინ

    Amen there’s still guys like this on planet Earth 🙏

  • Charlie B
    Charlie Bთვის წინ


  • Marty Squires
    Marty Squiresთვის წინ

    I love it what a cool vehicle

  • Joseph Phillips
    Joseph Phillipsთვის წინ

    I think I saw that a few months ago in lake park ga at the flying J there. Crazy looking thing.

  • Stream Labs
    Stream Labs2 თვის წინ

    Engine is not surprising as it come stock with a v8 engine placement,wheels,interior,nos and wrap is a diffrent story

  • Gansiiii
    Gansiiii2 თვის წინ

    at 4:05 you can finally hear the engine... :-)

  • Jim H
    Jim H2 თვის წინ

    love it!

  • Caleb Robinson
    Caleb Robinson3 თვის წინ


  • Osmanlı Torunu Vatansever
    Osmanlı Torunu Vatansever3 თვის წინ

    Fahrvergnügen Sticker on the right Front Window😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁👏👏👏😂😂😂😂

  • Garth Paul
    Garth Paul3 თვის წინ

    Old dudes driv'n bad ass stuff - LEGEND

  • Old Boxman
    Old Boxman4 თვის წინ

    That’s a “Celebration of Life” Cheers man!

  • William Jr
    William Jr4 თვის წინ

    that's his daily driver? damn

  • chimeranzl
    chimeranzl4 თვის წინ

    the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, the wheels on the bus go round and round... really fucking fast

  • Ethan Heitz
    Ethan Heitz6 თვის წინ

    Man I can't believe the VW community would discriminate bc it's air cooled and Chevy powered... I'm a GTI diehard and I think this bus is the coolest shit I've seen today!

  • Daffow
    Daffow6 თვის წინ

    The guys mouth looks like he just ate dogshit

  • viperthebulldog
    viperthebulldog9 თვის წინ


  • Yeet Cannon Outfitters
    Yeet Cannon Outfitters10 თვის წინ

    I know where this guy lives

  • K bang FPV
    K bang FPVწლის წინ

    You ask why It a very very simple answer. CAUSE HE CAN 🤟🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻people like you is inspire me to go wild crazier myself 🤟🏻✌🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

  • Victor Wolak
    Victor Wolakწლის წინ

    I ya cool but not the coolest.

  • live2explore
    live2exploreწლის წინ

    Its for sale right now.

  • septian_krukkruk
    septian_krukkrukწლის წინ


  • Mc Earl
    Mc Earlწლის წინ

    That’s what Cleetus and Coop needs to do for the radiator in the mystery machine

  • steelcannibal
    steelcannibalწლის წინ

    I like it, but wish it didnt have all the stickers

  • Jenny
    Jennyწლის წინ

    EVERYTHING looks better on Welds!

  • A Cat is fine too
    A Cat is fine tooწლის წინ

    Not air cooled they say.. It should be pretty well air cooled with those side doors wide open LOL

  • PRonda Music
    PRonda Musicწლის წინ

    Scoop got to go put it on roof

  • Sky Surfer
    Sky Surferწლის წინ


  • Mark Villanueva
    Mark Villanuevaწლის წინ

    The VW scene is crap, a bunch of 1/8 mile racers who can't venture out to make power leaps.. they ruin the VW scene.

  • dalibor jularic
    dalibor jularicწლის წინ

    Step on a gas

  • ven vnco
    ven vncoწლის წინ

    Old guys sometimes go crazy in a good way.

  • Larz
    Larzწლის წინ

    He seems to be very high functioning for a schizophrenic, that would normally be homeless and shouting about Jesus on the street corner.

  • Mathias The Raccoon
    Mathias The Raccoon2 წლის წინ

    What kind of hippie is this?

    GARAGE GRINGA2 წლის წინ

    I have a VW bus, but... DUDE! lol Freaking epic

  • Frankg Estrada
    Frankg Estrada2 წლის წინ

    By. Far. My. Favorite

  • Viviano Ni
    Viviano Ni2 წლის წინ

    Very original... If only the execution were cleaner..

  • ScrewsNutsAndBolts
    ScrewsNutsAndBolts2 წლის წინ

    Awesome !

  • StandAloneAoi
    StandAloneAoi2 წლის წინ


  • richardhalo
    richardhalo2 წლის წინ

    And a bump comes along.

  • Russell Tucker
    Russell Tucker2 წლის წინ

    I used to work with this guy, his nick name is Hot Rod. He builds some pretty cool rides. You should see the vw he's got now.

  • Dark side
    Dark side2 წლის წინ

    What an absolute legend this guy is !! That is one mental invention hes made there. Respect

  • Brahim Errami
    Brahim Errami2 წლის წინ


  • confidential information
    confidential information2 წლის წინ

    He's high.

  • Steeltown Canucklehead
    Steeltown Canucklehead2 წლის წინ

    You should check out the VW stretched Bus built by Gotham Garage. Its got a custom three axel chassis and a 1500 horsepower blower motor used on drag boats. It was tuned down to about 700 horses because straight 1500 would’ve put too much stress on the chassis and the bus would twist like a pretzel. They also added an old WWII era fighter plane exhaust setup, so it had 4 exhausts on both sides. The roof was chopped down, the bus was lowered, bigger tires and a sheet of bulletproof glass was added between the engine and the seats. The side doors were also added with hydraulics so they lift up revealing the beast of an engine inside.

  • T. Fiege
    T. Fiege2 წლის წინ

    Fahrvergnügen 😂

  • มานัส สอนวิสัย
    มานัส สอนวิสัย2 წლის წინ


  • Bob Gan
    Bob Gan2 წლის წინ

    In a boat

  • Kang Paunel
    Kang Paunel2 წლის წინ


  • Erick de Campos
    Erick de Campos2 წლის წინ

    Tá poha

  • Oscar M
    Oscar M2 წლის წინ


  • 엑쥬페리갤러리
    엑쥬페리갤러리2 წლის წინ

    네 다음 히피

  • ataboy42 H
    ataboy42 H2 წლის წინ

    Should give it an awesome paint job and make it an official mind blowing VDUB PROSTREETER!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!

  • Skiba GNO
    Skiba GNO2 წლის წინ

    1100 unlike from Germany ???

  • Henry Neubert
    Henry Neubert2 წლის წინ

    Was für ein geiles Teil

  • Stefan Venus
    Stefan Venus2 წლის წინ

    Fahrvergnügen = driving pleasure

  • Random account
    Random account2 წლის წინ

    Very nice bus 20000st like

  • Thabo Poo
    Thabo Poo2 წლის წინ

    That's passion

  • ปกรณ์ ศรียงยศ
    ปกรณ์ ศรียงยศ2 წლის წინ


  • Armin Karl
    Armin Karl2 წლის წინ

    Ich finde, dass eine extreme Tieferlegung bei vielen anderen Autos gut aussieht, bei einem Bully absolut nicht, es sieht aus, als wären beide Achsen gebrochen, sorry

  • v12tommy
    v12tommy2 წლის წინ

    Where's the radiator?

  • refrigeração Altas Horas um ajudando o outro
    refrigeração Altas Horas um ajudando o outro2 წლის წინ

    Essa Kombi preta tem tanta coisa andar que é bom nada

  • John Victor
    John Victor2 წლის წინ

    se bater ja sabe ne? kkkkkk

  • Pateko leal prado
    Pateko leal prado2 წლის წინ


  • Principe Da Pesca
    Principe Da Pesca2 წლის წინ

    o cara vai fritar em uma lata dessa e ainda com esse motor aí

  • Alex
    Alex2 წლის წინ

    He should've put the scoop at the top.

  • Son Huynhcong
    Son Huynhcong2 წლის წინ


  • Dân dã đồng quê! !
    Dân dã đồng quê! !2 წლის წინ


  • Pablo Gallardo
    Pablo Gallardo2 წლის წინ

    Que estupidéz

  • ผู้นํา คิมจองอิล สลิค
    ผู้นํา คิมจองอิล สลิค2 წლის წინ


  • Minh Tran
    Minh Tran2 წლის წინ

    OMG amazing........❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • carlos ck13
    carlos ck132 წლის წინ

    Muito top

  • บักโต่งเต่ง TH
    บักโต่งเต่ง TH2 წლის წინ


  • 247 mtt
    247 mtt2 წლის წინ

    Monster!! Show

    MEK RACING2 წლის წინ


  • pailang pailang
    pailang pailang2 წლის წინ

    Hebat sekali punya keta

  • Wellington Siqueira
    Wellington Siqueira2 წლის წინ

    Amigao show sohow

  • น้ํา ฟ้า ฝั่ง ฮูย่า
    น้ํา ฟ้า ฝั่ง ฮูย่า2 წლის წინ


  • dasPedal27
    dasPedal272 წლის წინ

    The cap-rayBan-fullBeard epidemic. Can't take anyone serious with that. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Fabiano Josyele
    Fabiano Josyele2 წლის წინ

    Ae sim

  • Matheus Ferreira
    Matheus Ferreira2 წლის წინ

    Esse motor é de que?!

  • Yamilette Reyesalicea
    Yamilette Reyesalicea2 წლის წინ


  • denys Marighella
    denys Marighella2 წლის წინ

    Credoo motor de espaçonaves

  • Ras Rusa
    Ras Rusa2 წლის წინ

    Q carro de lo más orrible no le veo nada vonito

    ADOLF ADOLF2 წლის წინ

    Love Volkswagen

  • Andrextroi
    Andrextroi2 წლის წინ

    Is this " Kombizila ". In Brazil, the name "bus" is "Kombi". But nothing so radical. Very crazy, like...

  • Danang Satryo Tomo
    Danang Satryo Tomo2 წლის წინ

    Sangar mean awesome 🖒🖒🖒

  • jeffjr749
    jeffjr7492 წლის წინ

    Dude lives a mile down from me. He's got some other pretty cool builds

  • Dávid Truczkai
    Dávid Truczkai2 წლის წინ


  • Dávid Truczkai
    Dávid Truczkai2 წლის წინ


  • satria sagkar
    satria sagkar2 წლის წინ


  • Charles Jefferson Palacio
    Charles Jefferson Palacio2 წლის წინ

    You jerk why you put a big machine in this van . This van is for explore or camping van

  • pc Gaming pro
    pc Gaming pro2 წლის წინ

    Hässlicher vw bus ever

    BRO SOPHAT2 წლის წინ

    Hi jj o

  • liew yuzhe
    liew yuzhe3 წლის წინ

    this is the real sleeper lol

  • Santana Margiela
    Santana Margiela3 წლის წინ

    I think the real reason be don't want it cuz of Chevy parts☺

  • 808 G8GT
    808 G8GT3 წლის წინ

    587whp....only mild bolt ons g8 that is 4k lbs goes 12s with only 367whp with 2.73 gears. Lol. And gets 25mpg on the highway. won in the badass vehicle dept!!

  • ??
    ??3 წლის წინ

    Rad af

  • philthy fitness
    philthy fitness3 წლის წინ

    How long did it take to build? Six weeks......ehhhh got to love meth hahah

    TERRY RUBRA3 წლის წინ

    Vw kombi Power

  • Ainsley Ross
    Ainsley Ross3 წლის წინ

    How much horsepower that thing makes holy fuck!?