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    I like your channel

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    The first one was mean.😡

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    The headphones probably won’t work

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  • Amanda Roman
    Amanda Roman4 საათის წინ

    This "advice" isn't going to make ANYONE look cool - destroying your own property and then not only pretend they are wireless but also that you are hearing music from them!? Only thing that's going to do is get you a cool bed in the psych ward!!!!!!!

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    Hi I like your videos 123go your videos are funny

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    ghost5 საათის წინ that one was totally hair extentions

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    No candy 🍬 in class

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    Dhdgshana . RuJsjajah . Fusjdiry

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    Wow ok n she no. boyfriend 💔

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    123 go

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    223 go

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    Triggered insaan must roast this

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    Jullie. Filmpjes zijn echt heel leuk 😜

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    If you cut ur headphones they are broken dont trust what you see in the internet guys her headphones are broken ok ANd THeY COAST MONEY THE HEAD PHONE UR PAReNTs NOt PAYINg THAT U ARE🖕

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    Okk i c

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    that foam dint work

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    This video is basically showing people that they have to have everything new and fresh just to be cool and being cool isn't what it's all about anyways.

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    You can't cut the cord and just have music now their broke

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    0:15 I liked the old outfit better :/

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    why do you need no glasses to be popurlar

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    I love you so much 👍🏿💗💋👄

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    When adding coloring does it come off hair easy?

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    Avery😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😘😘😘😘😘 and

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    good hacks

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    Honestly I would do anything to be popular!

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    I don’t want to be popolR I just get it

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    Plese Ad vs Reality Video Dalo Plese

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    To be honest, in my class, nerd students are popular!!!

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    None of these hacks works I tried the hair color one it’s a BIF FAT LIE!

    DUO SQUADდღის წინ

    Where is cool

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    I am popular for art ninja on CBBC! I sent something in to it

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    😠😤this is literally so sexist Like if you don't have tattoos or airpods your not cool.😠😤

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    We all can hear from cut earphones

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    When u cut the earphones, thats where the sound comes- she's acting like it works- rip money ;-; bc there will be no sound for u to hear it, thats the main point

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    Emily Stiles

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    Yeah true

  • pearly' s passion

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    @Liba Rasheed that’s what that guy said she said that my comment is fake coz I said that this comment is underrated 😑

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    Liba Rasheed

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    I think

  • Liba Rasheed

    Liba Rasheed

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    @Jency Joseph No shes saying that its Not true that You can hear the sound

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    Jency Joseph

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    @Luna Moon Play's my comment is fake?

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    If you cut ear buds they would not work anymore I'm confused

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    3:10 Omg the one when she dyes her hair green and blue is so fake bc when the girl was taking off the foil u can legit see the hair coming out

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    Actually the AirPods hack is WRONG ... Don’t do the cutting part The only way the earphones have connection to your Device is from the wires The AirPods have Bluetooth connection that is why they don’t need wires

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    A boy said is bella a wonder woman or something. then Bella said loser pump up some muscles

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