11 Balance Changes, ALL New Skins, & TELEPORTERS Sneak Peek!

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Brawl Stars Update Sneak Peek! | KairosTime
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In this video, I'm going to be showing a sneak peek for what's coming in the next Brawl Stars update! This video is going to talk about 9 Brawler balance changes, 2 game mode balance changes, all of the new skins coming to the game, as well as teleporters and a bunch of other stuff. Get ready for the update because there is a LOT coming to Brawl Stars!
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    Real Kairos time tell me you’re not the real carnivals time or not I don’t know how to read so Nick Kia so weird for

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    @hector gaming what is your trophy range

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    Kairos ARE YOU EVER GOING TO MAKE a best build for Shelly's star power and gadget or I will just have to give up on this video forever like 25% of your subscribers (I think they might be more than 25%)

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    Mr Firwer

    თვის წინ

    Eyyyy the reload bar is lookin smooth!

  • Ali Thabet
    Ali Thabet5 დღის წინ

    Everyone:wow new update Me: wtf happened to the reload bars

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    “I’m guessing that they’re OnePlus phones” The Apple Notch on the phone: Am I a joke to you?

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    Did you guys hear it? he ays he has 2 kids!

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    What do you mean by includes paid promotion

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    6:39 awww come on I just got this sp

  • Algin Oleo
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    When is challenger colt Coming out???

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    We want brawl theory

  • CR - 09VP 717355 Lorne Park SS
    CR - 09VP 717355 Lorne Park SSთვის წინ

    ibet supercell is going to do statue of liberty amber

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    You have kids?! I WANT TO SEE THEM!:^

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    Mortis reload speed buff please!!!

  • Rudra Naman Singh Tyagi
    Rudra Naman Singh Tyagiთვის წინ

    Whatever happened to the dark secret of brawls stars🤣

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    I purchased Zombibi today using code Kairos

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    10:48 but what if someone is colorblind

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    the phones are iphones cuz it has that giant front cam

  • Unknown
    Unknownთვის წინ

    the teleporter and brawloween challenge is not out yet

  • Cobestar99 Gaming
    Cobestar99 Gamingთვის წინ

    I’m really scared I’ll lose the championship my friends trash and I love rosa

  • Notmuch honestwork
    Notmuch honestworkთვის წინ

    This is cool and all, but where is the Spike nerf?

  • Afr0 Plays
    Afr0 Playsთვის წინ

    Meanwhile bo’s gadget just got rendered more useless than nita’s bear stun bruh 🤬

  • Syed Shoeb
    Syed Shoebთვის წინ

    I am using a good wifi but it's lagging to much while I am in a match ...can any one please tell me y

  • BasicallySeb
    BasicallySebთვის წინ

    But when is Challenger Colt coming out

  • dustswap
    dustswapთვის წინ

    Kairos lol that my last name and how you got that skin

  • Christian Kole
    Christian Koleთვის წინ

    the first time I saw the rosa skin I thought it was Sans

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    Congrats on 600k 🎉

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    I unlocked all the rewards for Season 3 of Brawl Pass. see on my channel what I got there!

  • Azael Thompson
    Azael Thompsonთვის წინ

    ok lets get this sraight they didnt talk about archvillan bea, that skin would have been a great skin to throw in for Halloween but y didnt they because theres gonna be another update having to do with villans!! in the near future. WHY else wouldnt arch villan go into this update?

  • Marimba s
    Marimba sთვის წინ

    Strong brawlers got reload speed buffs and mortis is still the same. Wow.

    SKELE PLAYZთვის წინ

    Yes zombibi is 80

  • Feral Bear
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  • Sergio SG
    Sergio SGთვის წინ

    another skin for bo?? are u kidding??? that skin would have looked way better on bull with the horns and everything...

  • Outline
    Outlineთვის წინ

    I would easily spend 300 gems for zombibi. Best skin in the game imo.

  • Poco


    თვის წინ

    Not really

  • Emilio Merksamer_27
    Emilio Merksamer_27თვის წინ

    Me in brawl ball: I never thought this day would come! Randoms: scores own goal off wall.

  • ninja studios
    ninja studiosთვის წინ

    Lol the siege thing was already there before the update

  • Benito Antonio Idnani
    Benito Antonio Idnaniთვის წინ

    Water amber skin pls!!!!!!! Supercell

  • mbris m
    mbris mთვის წინ

    Trip wire is now almost worthless and Bo is back to being boring to play, Great.

  • mbris m

    mbris m

    თვის წინ

    @Poco i agree, thats why i wrote "almost".

  • Poco


    თვის წინ

    Tripwire isn't worthless

  • Null The Null
    Null The Nullთვის წინ

    Supercell should do the invisible wall thing earlier cuz now everyone already lost a lot of trophies due to this problem

  • Mirjon Gulyamov
    Mirjon Gulyamovთვის წინ

    Kairos which bibi skin is better for you

  • Ihraz Bhuiyan
    Ihraz Bhuiyanთვის წინ

    6:39 nah her run and gun was always kinda shit imo. Her alt star power lets you spam super off cooldown because moving while its chaged fills your super bar by waaay more than it should you can have your entire team moving at super speed for basically the entire match as long as you can land like half your shots.

  • Eye Of Providence
    Eye Of Providenceთვის წინ

    2:12 sans????

  • Sergio Jacob Rivera
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    8:27 what Mr.Kairos?

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    Please say is there any more brawl pass

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    4:29 wow kairos died by a bot🤣😉😉

  • Sean Chou
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    1:37 “Up next is Rosa’s first skin, brawloween rosa” Sad amber noises

  • Eva Danihelkova
    Eva Danihelkovaთვის წინ

    karios i will get zombibi and october 27th when ut is realeased

  • Tonkazon !
    Tonkazon !თვის წინ

    i love the rosa skin

  • patches the asshole
    patches the assholeთვის წინ

    The no own goal update is absolutely bs. Now good players can't use the tactic of throwing the ball to opponents while they are walking towards their goal. This also makes attacking much harder. Honestly it just worsens the game cuz trollers have multiple other ways to troll. It's objectively very inefficient .

  • Deastroyer2.0
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  • Brandon Jensen
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    Didnt he just hit 500k? lol

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    And I was just refreshing again and again to see if my comment got any likes

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    When is the update?

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    Kairos make free fire videos... People who support plz like

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  • FrenZy Brawl stars
    FrenZy Brawl starsთვის წინ

    No mortis nerf ? Rip

  • Josiah Ablordeppey
    Josiah Ablordeppeyთვის წინ

    When is this update happening?

  • David Voss
    David Vossთვის წინ

    I so regret buying hero bibi. Zombie is so much better

  • Poco


    თვის წინ

    Hero bibi is way better zombibi is meh.

  • Night King 48
    Night King 48თვის წინ

    When you give a brawler 7 buffs and they’re still weak 😂

  • RUSH_1.8 -Brawl Stars
    RUSH_1.8 -Brawl Starsთვის წინ

    I think mayb a brawler coming into the game will be, maybe a partner with poco, and a boxer that vs. primo in the boxing ring, if so, they might be shown at pocos band stand

  • Fabian Arturo Salazar Basilio
    Fabian Arturo Salazar Basilioთვის წინ

    Me gusta ya que nos muestra todo del tirón :)

  • Tejas Jain BrawlStars
    Tejas Jain BrawlStarsთვის წინ

    New maps, Rosa skin & map maker is the best thing ever 🤩👍🔥👌

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    K-A-I-R-O-S code kairos in the brawls shop

  • Zenkujo
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    the only thing that matters is that nita got buffed everything else is irrelevant

  • QxPink
    QxPinkთვის წინ

    Anyone hyped for shark Leon's attack? No? Just me?

  • اسيل Sy
    اسيل Syთვის წინ

    وين العرب؟ من طرف #سويكري

  • XxMocha PlayzxX
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    Me when I see the video: come on do the duties, like before ad stops...

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  • Oliver Dolbert
    Oliver Dolbertთვის წინ

    oops I mean trying to push a brawler to 1000 I'm at 12398 total trophies

  • Oliver Dolbert
    Oliver Dolbertთვის წინ

    hey kairos could you please make a top 5 brawlers videos because I'm trying to push to 1000 trophies and i would like to know which one i should push

  • Rope Robot
    Rope Robotთვის წინ

    and I really want to try amber!!!😫

  • Rope Robot
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    I cannot take it I really want to build my own maps!

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    YO SUPERCELL promoting again😃

  • Dr. Oktober fest
    Dr. Oktober festთვის წინ

    Brawl stars is copying tf2 1. Fire brawler , pyro her super : gass passer . Teleporters: engineer etc take a look

  • vaa games
    vaa gamesთვის წინ

    which brawler will be in the brawl pass in the new season

  • Sherlock Gaming Brawl Stars
    Sherlock Gaming Brawl Starsთვის წინ

    Who Saw The Old Pam In Graveyard Shift

  • Dr. Oktober fest
    Dr. Oktober festთვის წინ

    Me as a 8bit main: haha get rekt ez

  • YakkoMania
    YakkoManiaთვის წინ

    Colette was already op they didn’t need to buff here like jeez

  • Vasilije Matic
    Vasilije Maticთვის წინ

    i would like if someone could max out my account because i have 12 300 trophies and no legendarys my chance for legy is 0.0245 i am shoked and i have soo bad luck for brawlers like i can open 11 mega boxes and wouldent get no new brawlers i have 31 bralwers no star powers and im not begging just sayin and my name is VasilijePro dont question my name and my ID is if u want to be my friend: 8LR2909G2, and i have 17 gems and 1196 coins and PLZ dont hack me PLZ Edit: i always use code: Kairos

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    Krillixy Brawl Starsთვის წინ

    When is the update coming out?

  • Asier Sayago
    Asier Sayagoთვის წინ

    They are also changing the ammo bars design.

  • JupiterOkan
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    Dont click Read more You've been warned. Take this. [Ts] muhahahah . .. .. .. .. .. . I know im evil😈 SIKEE! NOT THE END . .. .. .

  • Chief Legend
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    when the update is coming?

  • AD3L0 G4M1NG
    AD3L0 G4M1NGთვის წინ

    Good thing im subed

  • Ваманяша!!!
    Ваманяша!!!თვის წინ

    Kairos are you in a clan? I hope you are because I wish to be your friend

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  • Rafał Jaworski
    Rafał Jaworskiთვის წინ

    So we got the 8-bit buff

  • kenn Ivan Formales
    kenn Ivan Formalesთვის წინ

    8 bit health is 2020

  • Adam Krajco
    Adam Krajcoთვის წინ

    when is archvillain bea coming out? :(

  • Abhiram Tawalare
    Abhiram Tawalareთვის წინ

    thanks supercell 😭😭😭I lost no. of matches because of these toxic player

  • Professional Retard
    Professional Retardთვის წინ

    My gosh that no self goal feature in brawl ball will change brawl ball forever , AND I MEAN IT

  • Grave eSports
    Grave eSportsთვის წინ

    Dude add while matching match you are sent to start park with team

  • Grave eSports
    Grave eSportsთვის წინ

    So now mortis has highest skins

  • Grave eSports
    Grave eSportsთვის წინ

    Trust me Opponents red under world bo will be more cool

  • Nazim Sultan
    Nazim Sultanთვის წინ

    6:55 this does put a smile on my face...

  • Captain Android
    Captain Androidთვის წინ

    When new season come out for public

  • Brawl Stars
    Brawl Starsთვის წინ

    Brawl Stars!!!!!!!

  • Atish Sarkar
    Atish Sarkarთვის წინ

    Why surge splitting star power has changed.please give it back

  • # DATszalámi
    # DATszalámiთვის წინ

    Nobody: A fortune teller gypsy woman on the street: Amber Olympics and Breakdown! Today at 6pm

  • JohnKalogirou Official
    JohnKalogirou Officialთვის წინ

    How did you play with the skins ?