Minecraft Fully Automatic Cobblestone Farm - 120,000 Cobble Per Hour - 1.16/1.15

ვიდეო თამაშები

This Automatic Cobblestone Farm With TNT Duper Generates 120,000 Cobblestone per hour. Easy to build farm and makes more stone than you will ever need to build something!
Original design by @ilmango - gecold.info/down/pqON0WipaqrJlZg/video.html
World Download: bit.ly/CobbleFarmDL
Business email: shulkercraftyt(at)gmail.com
Instagram & Twitter - @ShulkercraftYT
Tiktok - @Shulkercraft
Item list:
518 - Glass
98 - Stone
37 - Building block

91 - Redstone dust
84 - Chest
56 - Piston
45 - Repeater
42 - Hopper

6 - Slime block
6 - Sticky piston

4 - Fence gate

2 - Wall
1 - Detector rail

1 - TNT
1 - Lever

1 - Minecart

1 - Dead coral

1 - Ice
2 - Lava bucke

2 - Water bucket
64 - Scaffolding
Music in this video:
Dylan Sitts - APPLE CIDER
Toby Tranter - SURF & TURF
Giants' Nest - FLY SHROOM


  • Mover & Cary
    Mover & Cary17 წუთის წინ

    Maaybe i build it wrong maybe on servers it behave weird but after 5times rebuilding it i just put whole tnt doppstuer 2 blocks higher and replace nearest glass on cobble gens to obsidian coz it blowed up instantly but stil pretty good results ty

  • Ojas Gupta
    Ojas Gupta23 წუთის წინ

    i copied it as it is twice but doesnt work for some reason (java - 1.16.5) the pistons are pushing the stone very fast so the tnt sits on top of the stone and blows up other stuff too so i gotta turn the lever on and off every 1 or 2 times the tnt blows and go and clear the stone my self. im disappointed cause i spent a lot of time making this :(

  • your mom
    your mom19 საათის წინ

    Hey, so i just finished it on 1.16.5 and here is the following: stone part works awsome, however the tnt duper got patched so it only makes 1 tnt splode and that's it. so i made a design with a disspenser myself and it works great. if you have same issues add me on discord: zupi#6969 and i can send you a screenshoot of my design. other than that farm works super effiecient.

  • ninjakoala bear

    ninjakoala bear

    5 საათის წინ

    Same problem :( Shot you a friend request username LilMoyashi. Would hate to let all this work go to waste lol

  • waleed arshad
    waleed arshad19 საათის წინ

    Tnt destory farm

  • Seebreeze
    Seebreezeდღის წინ

    is there a dirfrent tnt duper

  • Seebreeze
    Seebreezeდღის წინ

    do you need the dead coral?

  • ศิละ เดชภูมิ
    ศิละ เดชภูมิდღის წინ

    How do i coop this with wood farm

  • Ruchita and mohit show show
    Ruchita and mohit show showდღის წინ

    When u made this my all piston gone

  • Gaming LV
    Gaming LVდღის წინ

    WHY JUST WHY does the tnt timing not work with the generators the tnt explodes the redstone repeaters wtf

  • Fireonic


    დღის წინ

    Fix your repeaters

  • XenonPlayz
    XenonPlayzდღის წინ

    When I built this farm everything worked until the water does not flow fast enough and ends up just pushing cobblestone out on the sides and not everywhere. Please help!!!

  • Adrian kammholz
    Adrian kammholz2 დღის წინ

    HI!I just wanted to ask if this tnt duper is still possible in 1.16.4/1.16.5 and if you need a pecific coral for it

  • Valentyn Butskyy
    Valentyn Butskyy2 დღის წინ

    Mine did not work at all, I followed the instructions to the dot. My tnt gets pushed out and the pistons do not activate

  • SchomiDom 2006
    SchomiDom 20062 დღის წინ

    It doesnt work 2 hour work for nothing

  • George Zafirakis
    George Zafirakis2 დღის წინ

    watch out on 4:27 the arrows on the image might confuse you! Please correct me if I am wrong. I noticed it while I am building it

  • karamjit bal
    karamjit bal2 დღის წინ

    That’s a lot of wasted iron

  • Pan Pan
    Pan Pan2 დღის წინ

    “42 doublechests will be filled in about 70 minutes” Me: wait, why do I need this much cobblestone again?

  • Etienne wappes

    Etienne wappes

    22 საათის წინ

    For the flex

  • Twisty
    Twisty2 დღის წინ

    I built this is my SMP world and the stone is being pushed out to fast so the tnt blows up on top of the stone blowing up my tnt duper... how do i fix it?

  • Primal Gaming

    Primal Gaming

    დღის წინ


  • 『ASN』Mr.X
    『ASN』Mr.X3 დღის წინ

    Its not working... 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Robin Klose
    Robin Klose3 დღის წინ

    this farm is fucking shit it doesnt work

  • Demon Jani
    Demon Jani3 დღის წინ

    Does this work on mcpe

  • Archana Gopal
    Archana Gopal3 დღის წინ

    Will this work in pocket edition

  • Loon
    Loon3 დღის წინ

    Me: Huh, I need string for scaffolding and many other things, I'll look up a farm. *One string farm video later" "Well, that's a lot of cobblestone, I suppose I'll make a cobblestone farm" *start of this video*: Place 6 scaffolding Idk if Minecraft is for me, lol.

  • Lil RiceBowl
    Lil RiceBowl3 დღის წინ

    does this work in 1.16.4 and 1.16.5

  • Priya Singh
    Priya Singh3 დღის წინ

    There is some problem in tnt displacement in my world java edition

  • Mael Dugué
    Mael Dugué3 დღის წინ

    lmao mine doesn't work i do it 6 time again and again but there is too much stone and too less tnt so everything explode

  • Dominik Budziarek
    Dominik Budziarek3 დღის წინ


  • Scorpion 69
    Scorpion 693 დღის წინ

    Super utile même si ou pourrais tout simplement minet 😂

    CORE GAMING3 დღის წინ

    Can anyone tell can i use packed ice in place of ice?will with work? 🤔🤔 pls tell i wanna make this farm 😟😟

  • דניאל רוטקופף

    דניאל רוטקופף

    3 დღის წინ

    yep it is

  • Dani Csóka
    Dani Csóka4 დღის წინ

    Working in 1.16.3?

  • Mihai Dragnea
    Mihai Dragnea4 დღის წინ

    Imagine conect this to a carpet dupper powerd giant circile 2 levels supersmelter and then sell al the stone to cured viligers.If you manage to keep up eith the farm 120.00 emeralds per hour.LOL

  • Sumanta Banerjee
    Sumanta Banerjee5 დღის წინ

    Can we make as much chests and hopper we can

  • Ducity
    Ducity5 დღის წინ

    does this work in 1.16.4 i built it and the tnt duplicator didnt work

  • YuriHD
    YuriHD5 დღის წინ

    This does not work with the tnt on 1.16.5...

  • Asha Patel
    Asha Patel5 დღის წინ

    This doesn't work in bedrock edition so bedrock players dont waste your time and materials making this farn

  • AzRa Hydra

    AzRa Hydra

    3 დღის წინ

    yeaaahhhh umm kinda too late i hate my life, this is what i get for not looking at the comments ive built the whole the already ;-;

  • Vaibhav Bansode
    Vaibhav Bansode5 დღის წინ

    Techno gamerz has copied you

  • Ghouls
    Ghouls5 დღის წინ

    This farm exists SSundee: *happiness noise*

  • Cool Boi
    Cool Boi5 დღის წინ


  • Ditlev Overby
    Ditlev Overby5 დღის წინ

    This is a good farm the only Think i have to say is that it’s copied from imango. And i get that he said in the beggining that this was ilmangos design but he just built the exact same thing like why re-upload this?

  • Yashika Sharma
    Yashika Sharma5 დღის წინ

    it is not working repeters are blowing up all time what can i do and pistons producing sone very fast help me plz plz plz plz

  • Xikri
    Xikri6 დღის წინ

    when i turn on it it wont on the repeater wont on

  • Gaming Dudes
    Gaming Dudes6 დღის წინ

    Does this work on the bedrock edition please tell

  • Gaming Dudes

    Gaming Dudes

    4 დღის წინ

    Bro di you have any proof like have you tried in on bedrock or it's just a rough guess

  • WormyLine21


    4 დღის წინ


  • g0rlan
    g0rlan6 დღის წინ

    Working on 1.16.3?

  • SamukaXD
    SamukaXD6 დღის წინ

    if someone farms this for 70 minutes and still needs more cobble, they are replacing all the blocks in the world with cobblestone

  • Arnav Sinha
    Arnav Sinha6 დღის წინ

    This duper will not work when you are far way of the duper because there is some glitch so I recommend you to do afk otherwise your duper will destroy automatically it also happened to me but shulkercraft hadn't propsed that

  • Neki Lik
    Neki Lik6 დღის წინ

    Hah you do it in creative. Let's do it in survival.

  • Sennyboy421
    Sennyboy4217 დღის წინ

    The duper dont work!!!!

  • WormyLine21


    4 დღის წინ

    you dont have a good enough gaming chair

  • Prabh Sidhu
    Prabh Sidhu7 დღის წინ

    Easy way to get cobble stone .. .Go to creative mode and get from there😂😂😂

  • Wiggle Pig

    Wiggle Pig

    5 დღის წინ

    Wow. I get it's a joke, but still not funny.

  • Rawness
    Rawness7 დღის წინ

    This is insane

  • Gaming Beast
    Gaming Beast7 დღის წინ

    This is not cobblestone farm its an factory!

  • sommer cosentino
    sommer cosentino7 დღის წინ

    Will this work in skyblock for a ore farm

  • The Master
    The Master7 დღის წინ

    That big but i think i not make it cuz.... *lazy*

  • UwUcord


    5 დღის წინ

    It doesn't work, the duper blows inself up

  • kinzbobz
    kinzbobz7 დღის წინ

    Does it work on bedrock 1.16

  • Adrian kammholz

    Adrian kammholz

    2 დღის წინ


  • stingy
    stingy7 დღის წინ

    will it work on bedrock?

  • Adrian kammholz

    Adrian kammholz

    2 დღის წინ


  • Lennydoiso
    Lennydoiso7 დღის წინ

    don't work the tnt explode to late so the tnt blow the duper and the glass i think the cobble generator is too fast so the tnt blow the system can someone help me pls Im in 1.16.5 in Java edition My farm is the same as in the video so idk where is the problem

  • Jolan Vreysen
    Jolan Vreysen7 დღის წინ

    does this still work?

  • Jolan Vreysen

    Jolan Vreysen

    7 დღის წინ

    @Nicklaz PvPthePRO ok, by me the tnt duper doesn´t work in survival but it does work in creative

  • Nicklaz PvPthePRO

    Nicklaz PvPthePRO

    7 დღის წინ

    yea i built this in the new snapshot and it all worked except for the redstone clock didn't, but i fixed it by putting a simple redstone clock powering the redstone clock shown in the video instead of the lever. it could just be that i built it wrong but it works like this too.

  • amaan siddiqui
    amaan siddiqui7 დღის წინ


  • DrWolf33
    DrWolf338 დღის წინ

    Me after building 10 of these right next to each other

  • zaden bruh
    zaden bruh8 დღის წინ

    This farm doesn't work on bedrock rn but it can if instead of the glass on top of the pistons put observers with their faces looking up and everything will work

  • Ewan Vibes
    Ewan Vibes8 დღის წინ

    Me: sees this. Also Me: Sees this.

  • Larek645


    5 დღის წინ


  • LEGEND Gamer
    LEGEND Gamer8 დღის წინ


  • LEGEND Gamer
    LEGEND Gamer8 დღის წინ


  • Moises Hernandez
    Moises Hernandez8 დღის წინ

    Wait, does this work on bedrock?

  • quakerz
    quakerz9 დღის წინ

    It worked but after like 8 seconds it blew up can someone tell me how to fix it or what I did wrong?

  • quakerz


    6 დღის წინ

    @Arnav Sinha ok I’ll try thanks for the help

  • Arnav Sinha

    Arnav Sinha

    6 დღის წინ

    If this also not worked this means you have did some mistakes in connection or you are playing in older version

  • Arnav Sinha

    Arnav Sinha

    6 დღის წინ

    That happens to me also so what I did I just made the repeater connection of fence gate 1 block upper and then increased 1 block of duper also It's easy only add 1 redstone stairs more and made the rest duper and repeaters as that mentioned in the video I hope you understood just make one block upper for that connection of repeaters and TNT duper because repeaters are very low so they get exploded by TNT, just make duper and its fence gate connection one block upper you have to increase the height of fence gate connection and duper also

  • quakerz


    6 დღის წინ

    @Arnav Sinha yea ik I wasn’t far away and I rebuilt it like 3 times idk what to do

  • Arnav Sinha

    Arnav Sinha

    6 დღის წინ

    Do afk because there is glitch when you are far away it will destroy itself automatically

  • splm gaming
    splm gaming9 დღის წინ

    Does this work on bedrock

  • kuheli Bandyopadhyay
    kuheli Bandyopadhyay10 დღის წინ

    8:46 i was confuse whic dead coral, you should write dead brain coral

  • Unstoppable Gamers
    Unstoppable Gamers10 დღის წინ

    the duper doesnt work at all

  • Vinam bafna
    Vinam bafna10 დღის წინ

    I have to flick the lever every time otherwise my red stone clock won’t work

  • Mr Tanish
    Mr Tanish10 დღის წინ

    Will this work in java edition?

  • kuheli Bandyopadhyay

    kuheli Bandyopadhyay

    10 დღის წინ

    Bro he is building in java edition onlu

  • Siva Priyan
    Siva Priyan10 დღის წინ

    Bro the tnt bursts in the duping machine itself and destroying everything . So please upload a solution for this

  • Ed LaraLara
    Ed LaraLara10 დღის წინ

    how do u get so much wood to make all these

  • [DE] FOFO
    [DE] FOFO10 დღის წინ

    I spend like 1 hour+ making this thing and it did not work im mad now

  • Meenu Gupta
    Meenu Gupta10 დღის წინ

    Sir can they work in mcpe

  • TheMostEpicMeme
    TheMostEpicMeme11 დღის წინ

    my tnt duplicator did not work and it blew up all the redstone somehow ;-;

  • DickMeatBootySack


    10 დღის წინ

    only works on java most likely

  • ZeefanPlayz
    ZeefanPlayz11 დღის წინ


  • Edward A
    Edward A11 დღის წინ

    when I flick the lever the system doesn't work anything to do to fix?

  • Wonbin Sim
    Wonbin Sim11 დღის წინ

    It is not working at 16.5. :(. Spended my life for 2hours for that

  • stefan K.N.S

    stefan K.N.S

    22 საათის წინ

    @Bunny Dubu which piston?

  • Bunny Dubu

    Bunny Dubu

    8 დღის წინ

    You just need to add redstone once and it should fix it

  • Bunny Dubu

    Bunny Dubu

    8 დღის წინ

    Check your piston on the clock. That piston did not activated so try to manually activate it by adding redstone on top of that piston. After that you shouldve fixed your problem

  • Wonbin Sim

    Wonbin Sim

    8 დღის წინ

    I will try it again but when it again does not work I will.... I dont know l

  • Wonbin Sim

    Wonbin Sim

    8 დღის წინ


  • Khiêm Lê Thiện
    Khiêm Lê Thiện11 დღის წინ

    i think i need to make a wood farm for chest because i updated it to be 500 000 stone per hour

  • vo trung
    vo trung12 დღის წინ

    big problem is TNT :V in some server TNT doesn't work :))

  • Arnav Sinha

    Arnav Sinha

    6 დღის წინ

    Do afk because there is a glitch it won't work without afk

  • vo trung

    vo trung

    12 დღის წინ

    so it useless for me

  • Corgi_Want_To_Be_In_Space
    Corgi_Want_To_Be_In_Space12 დღის წინ

    I don't know what I did wrong but it keeps blowing up its self because the cobble is going too fast. :(

  • Pro DUDE
    Pro DUDE12 დღის წინ

    It's working nice

  • J Rudd
    J Rudd12 დღის წინ

    TIP: Build this in creative first and fiddle around with heights and delay to make your farm as efficient as possible

  • TheHayBale


    8 დღის წინ

    no don't delay it any further. its made to have the tnt explode as the pistons push the stone for maximum efficiency.

  • UnReaL GaMiNg
    UnReaL GaMiNg13 დღის წინ

    Anyone building it make sure the Redstone dust next to the lever has the points outwards, other wise the farm won’t work

  • J Rudd
    J Rudd13 დღის წინ

    I don’t know if this is a mistake I made but I found that the generators are so fast that sometimes the tnt lands on top and blows stuff up. Do u think moving the duper up one block it will help??

  • J Rudd

    J Rudd

    12 დღის წინ

    @Orri I think I’ve fixed it now. I just moved everything up and added a bit more delay

  • 8B 10 Jayakrishnan
    8B 10 Jayakrishnan13 დღის წინ

    It doesn't work on bedrock 😭

  • Ahmad Khan
    Ahmad Khan14 დღის წინ

    Shulkercraft is the best I did something wrong in the first time but when I built it again it works you are the beat

  • Ahmad Khan

    Ahmad Khan

    14 დღის წინ


  • Suhasini Sambhus
    Suhasini Sambhus14 დღის წინ

    You can also get a smelter on The TechnoGamerz channel

  • Sparsh Yadav
    Sparsh Yadav14 დღის წინ

    I made 4 same farm one above one and its already my chest has reached the 0 level in my world and all are full

  • Sumridh Soni
    Sumridh Soni15 დღის წინ

    Can we make it in Minecraft bedrook

  • Girish Raj Adhikari
    Girish Raj Adhikari15 დღის წინ

    Hi shulkercraft, i made this farm in 1.16.2 and 1.16.3 but in my new world it didnt work for some weird reason please help i was nt late BTW its just that it didnt work this time.

  • DEV Limbasiya
    DEV Limbasiya15 დღის წინ

    How to download bro from z archiever

  • DLZ Media
    DLZ Media15 დღის წინ

    I should rename my server Shulkercraft because it's all his farms on it

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob15 დღის წინ

    Does it still work in 1.16?

  • Awesome Gaming
    Awesome Gaming15 დღის წინ

    Concerate use full building this farm.

  • rusher rush
    rusher rush15 დღის წინ

    Does this work on bedrock edition

  • lilSpritzers


    15 დღის წინ

    No sorry!

  • Ahmad Khan
    Ahmad Khan16 დღის წინ

    Hey why isn’t this working on 1.16.5 please tell I just build it

  • Samim Bee
    Samim Bee16 დღის წინ

    Step 1 bulild farm Step 2 check the mistake in farm Step 3 whole farm distroy Step 4 shutdown computer

  • Imob Yt
    Imob Yt16 დღის წინ

    Does this work in bedrock

  • lilSpritzers


    15 დღის წინ

    No sorry!

  • SkyBlock LP
    SkyBlock LP16 დღის წინ

    now imagine what it will produce in nether (lava flows faster)

  • Rushil Amreliya
    Rushil Amreliya16 დღის წინ

    They made themselves in survival I in creative cannot make it without seeing the video

  • Why Happened
    Why Happened16 დღის წინ

    Is this pe or java

  • lilSpritzers


    15 დღის წინ

    Java Edition!