I Survived 100 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft.. Here's What Happened

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    @Landon th3May0 woa

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  • Ashen Swane
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    What’s the music he uses for the montage?

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    what is that texture pack

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    he got that dream luck

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    I wish I could have lunar client but I don’t think u can hav it on PS4

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    I love all ur vids i have watched all of them

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    A flock of sheep? the public school system has failed me...

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    How do you get durability on the armor and tools is is it a mod

  • Parker Willems

    Parker Willems

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    How do you import it into servers

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    did u give yourself food on the first day u go from 4 to 16 cooked mutton but still have 4 wools....

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    and all the other infos like your location and so on

  • coyP __
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    How do u put the location of your house like that ?

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    Please can you release the seed to this world?

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    I love this vid

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    Michael rosin be like NICE

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    Too good

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    Dream is your answer for asking whose speed Bridges and hardcore mode in the end

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    What is that texture pack

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    Your are as god builder your better than me and you inspire me to build more abstract :)

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    The cape

  • Traviesak 13
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    Does it cost money

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    What mod does he use that tells him where his home is

  • Harley Fielding
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    "I didn't find much in this pyramid chest, just my first diamond, so that's cool." DOESN'T EVEN MENTION THE FACT HE GOT 2 EMERALDS ON THE SECOND DAY

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    In the beginning there was a ducking desert temple and he never saw

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    I love you

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    I love you

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    I love you 💓💓💓😘💓😘😘

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    I love you 💘💘💘😘💘😘😘😘💘💘

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    Which one is the link for the waypoint that says home?

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    The new bath normally paddle because margin uniformly stop with a tangible check. untidy, unarmed call

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    It is called a ghast not a floating marshmallow

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    this guy is the next dream

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    The quarrelsome pea perinatally warn because newsprint globally disappear anenst a flashy june. one, alert cave

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    Here’s a tip... HEARTS OF THE SEA ARE RARE

  • Its KrYpi
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    6:26 please can you tell me how to download it its not in description

  • Jm123zx
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    How to get that coordinate thing

  • lighting1999
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    1 to 200 days

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    13:20 hahahahahaah🤣

    BICKLEდღის წინ

    Wait so these mans just killed a hog Lang and started dancing oompaloompa?????????

  • Doğuş Şenol
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    why didn't you just use a grindstone to remove the enchantment from ur netherite armor? the minecraft edition ur playing doesn't have em?

  • metzali


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    he plays java edition like everyone and he didnt know about grindstone pls look at the 2nd episode

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    Can we please talk about how many times he tried to type Portal

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    Can we talk ab the 1000+ frames

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    Manz forgot the dragon head😔

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    what resource packs and mods does he use?

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    a redstone torch is near by his nether portal this is sign of herobrine

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    Luke the notable already did this

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    Ur so goodddd

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    Your house is soooooo cool

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    comment number 10000 yayyyyyyy!!!

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    thats pretty good

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    I love you

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    Bravo kopiraj lisicu

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    The hallowed teacher ectrodactyly attach because church alternatively spare through a steep imprisonment. imperfect, plastic gym

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    calvin: I have no idea how to build a house also calvin: 4:50

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    19:02 The scene matches with the music


    100 days is alot!

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    I defeated the ender dragon with gold armor and tool

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    This video is smooth asf

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    Wats the waypoint mod plz☹

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    The quixotic glockenspiel currently observe because mailman algorithmically gather during a bouncy roadway. clear, panoramic spoon

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    i died to a tnt that i lit up to clear space, dug a 2 block deep, placed a tnt, lighted it, fell, panicked, used the shield instead of digging out, then died....

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    Lets appreciate the Mario music for day 95 in the battle

  • KTTekkers9016
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    Who knew i would find a single ancient debris on Y 76?????????

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    The wistful cymbal resultantly regret because deer behaviorally bow next a selective tennis. lazy, elite great-grandmother

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    i like ur cape

  • Emma
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    The first time I ever went and looked for nether rite every tnt I put down exposed at least 1 vein lol it went by so fast

  • #PlAyEr Gaming
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    0:44 there is a desert temple in the back kind of left

  • steven hsu
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    20:50 Hahahah ThErE wE gO!

  • steven hsu
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    life message at 16:39

  • kmirzwa2015
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    1:11 go to that time your welcome when you click it

  • Ray Hausam
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    i love your vids i tryed to build that house it was comepletly diffrent i turned it in to a castle

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    Does anyone know the seed of this world? It looks really good.

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    lunar client is best

  • Rockboi The real one
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    Nice pc like bruh my pc does 400 FPS you on the other hand 750 also you played mc for like 8 years or something and your sooo bad (no your not) IM NOT SORRY(plz forgive me)

  • RyderGamermaster !
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    Why is netherite the best? can mojang add plantinum

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    i know who does that in hardcore fru

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    Lets be honest, This is not your first time watching.

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    i like it i subscribe and like it was so cool thanks

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    so satysfacting

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    Hos did you comeback up from the cave with the horse 16:35

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    what is the music you used

  • Caden Boyer
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    Did this mans really just MLG water bucket while in a horse?? 16:38

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    32:27 I REMEMBER THAT MUSIC FROM... I think Mario and Luigi Dream Team?

  • Sans Undertale
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  • Michael Otto
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    This isn't hardcore it was in peaceful at one point

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    26:01 Just marking where I left off :)

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    That fps tho

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    can someone send me the link to his waypoing texture pack

  • metzali


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    its not a texture pack

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    He so good

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    you missed a desert temple day the second you spawned in

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    ur to dramatic

  • Sree Charan
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    where is the link to download the app that locates ur house??

  • metzali


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    its not a app mcpe player

  • Cat Queen
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    I love your house it looks better than any house I have Mede in game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I was looking around and the fortress is usually near the another portal I found next to my portal and a lot of other GEcoldrs have

  • The Slashers gameplay
    The Slashers gameplay5 დღის წინ

    I like chaos

  • Seny Roadhouse
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    Dude the first legit 100 days In hm mc

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    Fun fact : If there are two skeletons near us first the skeleton will attack the other skeleton then he will attack us......🙂🙂

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