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This 1962 Volkswagen Type 2 Van/Bus has been sitting for over 40 years. Let's see if we can bring it back to life!


  • Nilsson Nill
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    😃Natural Rat Rod

  • Hamid Tahzibi
    Hamid Tahzibi5 დღის წინ

    VW is best car in world. .ich hatte eine. .

  • CT


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    Thank you! gecold.infovideos

  • Murilo Joares Joares
    Murilo Joares Joares8 დღის წინ

    Depois de muitos anos sem funcionar e consegui ligar !!!!!!! Parabéns e parece que o motor está bom. Até a carroceria está boa , as caixas das rodas e o assoalho é que precisam ser consertados. O carro é muito bonito.

  • CT


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    Thank you! =)

  • Randy Malm
    Randy Malm10 დღის წინ

    Heater hose I bet are rusted or gone

  • Randy Malm
    Randy Malm10 დღის წინ

    Mine was a 1970 1400 engine

  • Randy Malm
    Randy Malm10 დღის წინ

    Nice I had one for years , miss the panel bus

  • Emanuell Chavez
    Emanuell Chavez14 დღის წინ

    I’m 35 years old and since I was a kid I saw my dad working on a VW bus or a beetle. This brings me some memories thanks!!

  • Car shows 4 U
    Car shows 4 U14 დღის წინ

  • Énorme Cul
    Énorme Cul16 დღის წინ

    those engines never dies

  • Marcelo Rodriguess
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  • Marcelo Rodriguess
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  • سهيله احمد
    سهيله احمد27 დღის წინ

    هزة السيارات الباص مازال يعمل لدينا فى مصر وتحديدا فى الجيزة حتى الان وقوى جدا

  • Milton Vaskez
    Milton Vaskez29 დღის წინ

    Que fácil, después de 40 años y todos los tornillos salieron bien sin degollarse. Puro cuento.

  • Aj Traiyan
    Aj Traiyanთვის წინ

    cool!! I love the sound of a vw engine.

  • Gilmar Kardec Schramm
    Gilmar Kardec Schrammთვის წინ

    São muito ruim para mecher nesse motor e.

  • Toadiefrog Video
    Toadiefrog Video2 თვის წინ

    The engine seems to run good but i would take it out to and at least clean it though

  • Mike Dutch
    Mike Dutch2 თვის წინ

    Painful to watch 🤪 back to basics ,think you should revisit mustue1 and pay attention this time ,aaarrrrgh !

  • Paul Kline
    Paul Kline2 თვის წინ

    He needs an helper. Suprised he got it to start, Hes putting too much gas in the carb. he should just fill the bowl threw the vent tube then start it up. Its gonna flood doing it like that.

  • Luiz Eduardo
    Luiz Eduardo2 თვის წინ

    Tendi foi nada

  • Glenroy Morris
    Glenroy Morris2 თვის წინ

    This is the first van I have ever works on

  • martin cito
    martin cito2 თვის წინ

    It's a Volkswagen...!!!

  • Dennis Hendricks
    Dennis Hendricks2 თვის წინ

    I had this same type of Vdub panel van but mine was a 61 and it had a 6 volt system originally, so I changed it all over to a 12 volt one. Turned her into a hippie wagon. Got her for free and sold her for 600$ back in '79 with what was likely over 300k miles and still running strong. Loved her dearly but had 3 cars and was beginning a family so I had to make a choice. Wish I had a pic though. Good luck in your restoration; these babies are practically indestructible!

  • Mohamed djema
    Mohamed djema2 თვის წინ

    Old school German engineering made to last for ever 💯

  • Arcade Collectors Europe
    Arcade Collectors Europe2 თვის წინ

    I liked the video but did'n give a damn when the motor turned....that engines are useless anyways. Best way to run a Bulli is to on twin electric motors.

  • Anthony Sinclair
    Anthony Sinclair3 თვის წინ

    Wow Wow Wow , one thing after another is working , awesome , hey let's take it for a spin and see if the brakes work , lol 😁 I can't believe how good the engine sounds ! 👍

  • Will Chapman
    Will Chapman3 თვის წინ

    Vw built to last definitely the best manufacturer out there love the vw buses

  • Aidan Morris
    Aidan Morris3 თვის წინ

    I'm trying to buy a 52 Ford flathead v8 that hasn't run in 50 years so this gives me hope.

  • JIM Case
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  • Stefano Ferroni
    Stefano Ferroni3 თვის წინ

    Hi there. Then what happened? I had that van VW in my youth over 45 yrs ago ...

  • James Blackwell
    James Blackwell3 თვის წინ

    Why does your 62 bus have 63+ tail lights?

  • Desinfector
    Desinfector3 თვის წინ

    U can start an engine after 40 yrs. but U cant store gas for much more than 6 months to make it useless...

  • Alvaro Najarro
    Alvaro Najarro3 თვის წინ

    Excelente vídeo

  • Spideyspid
    Spideyspid3 თვის წინ

    Who knows what color that car used to be..

  • Neil Franklin
    Neil Franklin3 თვის წინ

    They make very good vans these germans

  • Jackie Chu
    Jackie Chu3 თვის წინ


  • Gunnar Borgström
    Gunnar Borgström3 თვის წინ

    Fantastic !

  • Caelan Eaton
    Caelan Eaton4 თვის წინ

    he said mud wasp but it is actually a mud dauber they are some where in North America ( i think?)

  • daBuy sticker Pekanbaru
    daBuy sticker Pekanbaru4 თვის წინ

    nice restoration...

  • Jon Abal
    Jon Abal4 თვის წინ

    Use WD40 please!

  • Eli Martins
    Eli Martins4 თვის წინ

    Show! I love

  • Tiago Battaglin
    Tiago Battaglin4 თვის წინ

    Aircooled VW vehicles are everywhere in Brazil. Parts are also available without any trouble. I have a classic beetle year 1996.

  • Tim Avery
    Tim Avery4 თვის წინ

    Take the engine and good parts off and put that thing in the crusher !!

    ATOMS HAMRADIO N1SCA4 თვის წინ

    Way cool ct

  • CT


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    Thank you! =)

    ATOMS HAMRADIO N1SCA4 თვის წინ

    Very cool

  • Julio Julio Cesar
    Julio Julio Cesar4 თვის წინ

    Knight rider destroye ?

  • Misantone Gianfranco
    Misantone Gianfranco4 თვის წინ

    Complimenti per la pazienza , e l' entusiasmo che metti nel fare il lavoro!!!

  • Fatima Ouchan
    Fatima Ouchan4 თვის წინ


  • Lysette QUINONES
    Lysette QUINONES5 თვის წინ

    30 plus minutes to just start an engine is not a restoration.

  • Wiener Würstchen
    Wiener Würstchen5 თვის წინ

    Mit dem kannst du noch 20 Jahre lang fahren.

  • jack jill
    jack jill5 თვის წინ

    Thats got nice patina :D !

  • stratN1 gro0vy
    stratN1 gro0vy5 თვის წინ

    too much talk get bored

  • Mike G
    Mike G5 თვის წინ

    Great find!

  • Mike G
    Mike G5 თვის წინ

    I had a 65' like that.

  • Older than google
    Older than google5 თვის წინ

    this is awesome - We're gonna need a new belt!

  • Maupin Maupin
    Maupin Maupin5 თვის წინ

    It wants you to push start it.

  • Maupin Maupin
    Maupin Maupin5 თვის წინ

    I had one of these with a Porsche engine in it. It was hard to keep running, but it could do 85 on the freeway.

  • Cheryl Herdman

    Cheryl Herdman

    5 თვის წინ

    It’s a V-8 engine

  • Aissa Ibnou A
    Aissa Ibnou A5 თვის წინ

    D I S A S T E R

  • Jennie Reyes
    Jennie Reyes5 თვის წინ

    That's amazing

  • Nosvw
    Nosvw5 თვის წინ

    That's a bad ass van bud 😎

  • Victoria Laumea
    Victoria Laumea5 თვის წინ

    You got another car like a 1956 Chevy nomad wagon

  • Hondasboy100
    Hondasboy1005 თვის წინ

    Me personally would have taken the plugs out and poured some lube in those old cylinders before turning that engine over. It's been sat that long without oil running round.

  • Emmanuel Hernande,
    Emmanuel Hernande,5 თვის წინ

    This is so cool after so many years and it's running

  • Sandorelo
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  • Mineirao Bello
    Mineirao Bello5 თვის წინ

    Bom ver essa bichinha reviver

  • Marwan BEN AYEDI
    Marwan BEN AYEDI5 თვის წინ

    Now that is cool Contenu the rest of repairs 😃 The best of luck

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    Thank you! =)

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    Please go like an subscribed to my channel please 🙏🙏

  • Kevin Hines
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    My blood pumps looking at these video's if dare to enlarge that engine To a 2000 cc or better you got a good thing going give me a call at 217 979-9561 cell NO. say let's rock&roll

  • Kevin Hines
    Kevin Hines5 თვის წინ

    Hey you guy's at CT what is the future for rusty, personally it should be a wonder machine yep that's a Volkswagen that rocks are thinking about a stroke kit for a outstanding performance if you hop up that engine Like supercharging,turbo,or nitrous man this is bad ass so if you throw these upgrades this Vw panel wonder will kick some but man, go for it!

  • om multistore
    om multistore5 თვის წინ

    Good service

    TRUCKZ GURU5 თვის წინ

    Woow......amazing starts......

  • Sergio Correa
    Sergio Correa5 თვის წინ

    That was the Time, when Germans, and Americans built cars to last For Ever, now is just a Computer with 4 wheels, everybody can be a Mechanic, it just to replace 1 electronic Component for another.

  • Подводный МИР
    Подводный МИР5 თვის წინ

    Подпишитесь пожалуйста, пока пробные видео в дальнейшем видео о подводном мире погружение с аквалангом в хороших местах Видео ютуб

  • Delta ody
    Delta ody5 თვის წინ

    Que satisfactorio ver el motor reviviendo

  • Gasparo Celloman
    Gasparo Celloman5 თვის წინ

    Sounds good as new. Music to my ears, but man, those loose shirt cuffs flapping around the belt and pulleys sure is a sphincter snapping sight.

  • Marcio Alves
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  • Velimir Rodic
    Velimir Rodic5 თვის წინ

    german engins!

  • videodudeX
    videodudeX5 თვის წინ

    The speed ramps in this vid are awesome! All have motivation and relevance.

  • Faizan Mehmood
    Faizan Mehmood5 თვის წინ

    you are amazing sir. love from Pakistan Karachi

  • José Lucas Guião
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  • Francisco Rojas
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    Me gusta mucho los komba👍👍

    CT's OFFICIAL5 თვის წინ


  • Steve V.
    Steve V.5 თვის წინ

    After checking spark plug for spark, I can't believe he didn't check compression. Fuel, spark, oxygen, compression...four top things needed for an engine to fire.

  • Francisco Montes De Oca
    Francisco Montes De Oca5 თვის წინ

    Outside is rusty but insise is like new.

  • CT


    5 თვის წინ

    Yes, it's pretty cool! =)

  • Francisco Montes De Oca
    Francisco Montes De Oca5 თვის წინ

    Ferdinand Porsche Made a good job with the boxer engine,Kool bus.

  • CT


    5 თვის წინ

    Yes, he did a good job. Check out some of my other videos.

  • gemleo leo
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    Clasik mantab.....

  • Yanlız Kurt
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    orusmu çogu du

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    أحسنت النشر الممتاز وشكرا لك ونتمنى المزيد من المشاركات التي كانت ومازالت ممتازة؛؛؛؛ وفقك الله ورعاك من كل شر يارب العالمين بحق محمد وال محمد وكل المؤمنين والمؤمنات الأحياء منهم والأموات إلى يوم القيامة

  • Octa's LP
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    Simply engine without electronics gizmos

  • daniansar
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    Hay un poco de furgoneta en tu óxido, y me preocupo yo por 4 rolas pequeñas en mi coche 😂

  • Poohthabear
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    That’s that Rosa parks bus

  • CT


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  • Edwin Rodolfo Campos Solis
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    😮Oh WOW😊❤❤❤❤

  • Edwin Rodolfo Campos Solis

    Edwin Rodolfo Campos Solis

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    Thank you!

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    very cool, the volume of ads however is NOT!

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    Thank you!

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    Mi geñio 🤓 👍 Américas de los motores Américas soy tu fan

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    Turn corruption into magic

  • James Richardson
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    I owned a 70 Beetle. 1600 cc single port.

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    I subscribed you,nice

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    I think i know this car in gta sa 😏❤😂