The Buses Of VW Action 2016 - Compilation Video

ავტომობილები & ტრანსპორტი

2016 VW Action at Santa Pod Raceway. A few of the runs from the VW Campers that went up the strip at Santa Pod.
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  • VeeDubRacing


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    not bad for a campervan :)

  • ragtop63
    ragtop63თვის წინ

    That best part is the one that ran 15 but feels he needed a parachute on his bus.

  • Alexsandro Sampaio
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    Combi da peste

  • Minesh Nissanka
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    4:05 thats so cute and goofy yet badass lol

  • حسام 777
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  • South West
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    I had a 1979 VW Rabbit pick-up once. I had to take the canopy off to make it go faster.😬

  • VeeDubRacing


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    lol. did it work ?

  • Björn B.
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    That's what happens when you put a nice oldtimer in the hands of idiots.

  • VeeDubRacing


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    @Björn B. Yeah, I respect your opinion, but I disagree though. Not every classic car has to be original. Today's cars that we are tuning now, will be classics one day, should we not modify them? There is a place for originality and modified in the car scene (in my opinion)

  • Björn B.

    Björn B.

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    @VeeDubRacing This is my personal opinion. Tuning is nice, but does it really have to be with valuable classic cars?

  • VeeDubRacing


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    I would say that opinion is in the minority....

  • Mat
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    see now this is way better than all those purist buses that have to be numbers matching in completely supreme condition

  • So Isaidtogod
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    Seems they were all 4 cylinders, imagine dumping an old Porsche 6 into one!

  • erosionhead
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    One of the coolest things I’ve seen. I miss my Westy’s. Can’t believe the increased value.

  • VeeDubRacing


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    Thanks. Glad you liked the video

  • J. Mcclain
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    Poor rustang @3:00! He's goin' through some prettty serious denial after that beating.

    KEITH KEEFER5 თვის წინ

    Has anybody seen Gabriel Ingles is VW bus collection he has every single year ever made mint!!!!!

    KEITH KEEFER5 თვის წინ

    Gabriel Iglesias would love to see this

  • Tzor17
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    Takes a bit to push two peices of plywood down the track.

  • 井指靖彦
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    車体ばらけ の前に心筋梗塞ならない👀💥⁉️🏁

  • 井指靖彦
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    出たぁ💨〰️ オバケ👻~シッポから排気煙 車体が バラバラにカッ飛びませんかァ-⁉️😨💥💣

  • gilbert sanchez
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    even the 15 second bus is impressive

  • VeeDubRacing


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    Yep, to get a bus to run a 15 second 1/4 mile, is a big achievement, and quick too

  • Spasoje Spasitelj
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    VW 🆗👍🆗👍🚈🚗

  • Wadley225
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    I'm happy to see that the person who shot this video knew how to HOLD THE CAMERA STILL and zoom in to the sign displays at the end of the track. That's a rare thing in youtube dragstrip videos.

  • VeeDubRacing


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    Cheers mate 🍻🍻 Think you are the first person across all my videos to mention this. Resisted the need to use a gimble so far.

  • awol70
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    6:42 oh yeah, kick ass

  • Hawawi Hawawi
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    دعاء كميل

  • حسام 777
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    ههه !

  • Skydive
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    *Nothing to see here, just a schoolbus version of the volkswagon beetle...*

  • Slonong Boy
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    Oh my God Dragbus 😭😭🔥🔥

  • Slonong Boy

    Slonong Boy

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    @VeeDubRacing yeah i have one of them , in Hot Wheels 😁😁

  • VeeDubRacing


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    One of the best out there. Hopefully back on the track soon with an even quicker engine. The owner is going for that 10 second run 💪💪

  • el critico
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    see the comic dance car

  • Juanpablo Berger
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    Muy pesada

  • Patrick Gambsky
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    VW bus going down the track at 120mph that s awesome way cool video 👍 thank

  • VeeDubRacing


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    Cheers 👍 Hopefully the Fire Bus will be going faster in the not to distant future 💪

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    4:40 Clio 2 RS 😎

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    Hola, muy Bueno

  • Johnny Trash
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    The black VW, Dracula's racing car...ha ha

  • Martin Seel
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    fuck off aerodynamic

  • grodard9
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    - Yes, sweetheart I bought the milk, look in the fridge, dammit, and can you keep Sonny quiet please, Daddy is trying to concentrate here...

  • Woody
    Woodyწლის წინ

    Wow i had no idea you could get that kind of HP out of a VW van

  • ServerNthusiasT
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    4:05 - When you barely got weight on the rear axle...

  • Mara Maximiano
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  • Adriana Asrolfi
    Adriana Asrolfiწლის წინ

    Em 1987 , meu pai consegui comprar uma combi 1975, cor marrom, ela só tinha um problema superaquecia e soltava muita fumaça

  • Diversidade Visual
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    I like, very crazi!

  • albert mata
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    WTF was that ...............

  • Stefan Schuster
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    Die sind doch voll krank!!

  • Stefan Schuster
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    Schade für die schönen Fahrzeuge!!

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    loucura de mais

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    coisa feia ,um caixote de 4 rodas.

  • Tom Nekuda
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    Wow! Just saw my old bus!! Some of these guys have the reaction time on the line of a dead can roll and smoke a cigarette before they drop the clutch! LOL Love those buses!!!!

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    Chin gon 😍👍🤝✔️

  • Edvania Venancio
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    Kombi the fire bus

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  • Restoration Australia
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    omg this is really cool.

  • Peter Lampropoulos
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    Fast cross country trek

  • Scott Conger
    Scott Congerწლის წინ

    Did that flat black one get beat by a yugo ? LOL !

  • G4 que truva fods
    G4 que truva fodsწლის წინ curti lar

  • Hor Rassjs
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    We see

  • XTopia Games
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    3:52 what an impressive comeback

  • XTopia Games

    XTopia Games

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    @Mech Anon maybe a head start?

  • XTopia Games

    XTopia Games

    წლის წინ

    @Mech Anon agreed

  • Mr. Brian's Amazing World
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    Those are some fast buses!

  • Michael Bowles
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    That a bad little bus.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • On the Air
    On the Airწლის წინ

    What a waste of great classic VW Type II.

  • ChefGiovanni
    ChefGiovanniწლის წინ

    My dad used to bang so many ladies in his VW bus. Drank my first beers in a VW too. Good memories.

  • Serge


    წლის წინ

    perfect place for sex and booze experience

  • Foreign Foamer
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    Yanks. Take notes.

  • Fuscanitro28 DRAG RACING
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    Awesome 👏🏻

  • 70s Tunes
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    Lol fire bus my god hahahaha . So many times in my life I would love to have that bus to kick some butt on the street hahaha I love it

  • Danyal Arafat
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    I Had a van catch on fire I am a nervous wreck I can t watch this I am going to drink the pain away

  • Homefront
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  • Francisco Erick da Silva Sampaio
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    As desgraças mantém a trajetória sem sair de traseira ou de frente! Kkkk

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  • ukas THC
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    co???? proc???

  • Robert Reynolds
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    Cal bugs forever!

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    Que show quero uma dessa 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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    Assfdghĥ7Dfv. Ññm

  • Pex_the_Unalive Drunk
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    I've owned a 1973 beetle for 25 years, but I've always wanted a bus & a karman gia to compliment my collection. The low weight of the bus helps off the line, but once it gets over 88mph the last couple hundred feet of the 1/4 mile it's gonna practically hit a wall because aerodynamics start to come into play. Still 12's and 13's are nothing to be ashamed of-especially if you're running an actual aircooled flat-four and not some kind of completely different engine(though still props to rigs it up). JC Whitney catalogues back in the day had everything you needed to build a modified VW flat/boxer/horizontally opposed 4 cylinder engine anywhere from 1600cc up to 2.4L for a couple thousand 1990's money.

  • S W

    S W

    წლის წინ

    The aircooled flat four is arguably the best sounding engine of all time. I miss all my beetles.

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    Is this 1/4mi or 1/8

  • VeeDubRacing


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    1/4 mile

  • Rene Puntigam
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  • Jeff Shannon
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    I forgot how slow vw is!

  • Charles Pope

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    V W ATE MUSTANG !!!!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Johnny Davis
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    Hey... All you mustang FUCKS... YOUR boy just got smoked by a Volkswagen...BUS 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😜😜😜😜😜🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤙🤙🤙🤙 FUCKING PRICELESS 🤣🤣 🤣🖕🖕 🖕🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    Charles Pope

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  • david lopez
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  • david lopez
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    THE BUSES. Burn the pavement !_# KOOOOOQL

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    Familie Prinz

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    david lopez 1:53

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    david lopez yuģ

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    This is very frightening 😬

  • Vasili Panin
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    1/4 ers. OR 1/8ths ?

  • VeeDubRacing


    2 წლის წინ

    1/4 miles

  • jesse harper
    jesse harper2 წლის წინ

    i got a 67 bug back in 67 for 1400 or 1800 dollars, not sure anymore which. But i really wanted a vw bus back then, just couldn't afford it.

  • Krusty Old smoker
    Krusty Old smoker2 წლის წინ

    Way cool my bus never ran like that LOL

  • Patriot Rob
    Patriot Rob2 წლის წინ

    Super cool but to slow for my taste...

  • Ken Adams
    Ken Adams2 წლის წინ

    I can't believe that this happens with VW engines now... GREAT... WORK

  • Specialized 29er
    Specialized 29er2 წლის წინ

    Wow 11.92 and racing a brick.

  • Good human be happy
    Good human be happy2 წლის წინ

    Those used to be affordable until the rich kids started playing hippies

  • Good human be happy

    Good human be happy

    2 წლის წინ

    They try so hard to purchase cool.

  • ɥ ʇ ɐ ǝ p ǝ ʇ ɐ ʌ ᴉ ɹ d ɐ

    ɥ ʇ ɐ ǝ p ǝ ʇ ɐ ʌ ᴉ ɹ d ɐ

    2 წლის წინ

    For reals lol...

  • Kenneth Young
    Kenneth Young2 წლის წინ

    I miss my bus 1800 with dule kadrons (still looking for x members of Keep On Buggin of southern California )

  • nsser nsskfi
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    أي تطاول على المملكة السعوديه وشعب السعودية من قبل الارهابية الخونه الرافضة ضرب بيد من حديد حتى يعرف من تكون المملكة السعوديه ومن قائد المملكة السعوديه ومن يكون نائبه

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    Always wear your hearing protection

  • J m
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    Where is the “s-cool bus”?

  • Iggy Fritz
    Iggy Fritz2 წლის წინ

    I've always been amazed at what power people can pull out of a VW engine.

  • Amie Rothman

    Amie Rothman

    2 წლის წინ

    I know if they put a v8 in it they would ruin it and it's nice sound

  • Trubel T
    Trubel T2 წლის წინ

    The Bug finally did it. First thougt Fire Bus will make best time.

  • Laura


    წლის წინ

    Ich liebe meinen Turbokafer! ❤

  • Wischi Waschi
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    Was dasdenn fasst 12 Sekunden und dann nur 112km/h LÄCHERLICH ICH FAHRE EINEN T 4 MIT 192PS IN SEINER ZEIT SCHAFFE ICH KNAPP 130

  • VeeDubRacing


    2 წლის წინ

    All speeds are mph.

  • Hector Andres Macias Martinez
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    Hipie raus.

  • Dudu Texeira
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    Só Kombi modificada show

  • Marcos Portela
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    LUCIANO FRAZÃO2 წლის წინ

    isso foi em qual país?

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    Awesome !

  • Bob Camacho
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    I like the luggage rack air foil!

  • Victor Hansen

    Victor Hansen

    წლის წინ

    Bob Camacho Poul måske er der alle der er i gerne hjem

  • Jeff Polaras
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    My 66 Westy was so slow...I had to plan highway merges a week in advance....