All The Problems With My Tesla Powered Classic VW Bus

I converted my classic VW bus to electric using Tesla parts. I'm getting it ready for van life! I’ve never felt such a big sense of achievement from a project and I’m so excited to show you! Please subscribe to stay up to date on this Series!
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  • Jupiter065
    Jupiter0657 საათის წინ

    You have a whole chorus of guardian angels, my dude

  • Skirmish_ Noob
    Skirmish_ Noob10 საათის წინ

    thats a filipino mechanic..!

  • Paul Stottman
    Paul Stottman15 საათის წინ

    Damm that van has aged you 20 years .

  • Joep Verhaeg
    Joep Verhaegდღის წინ

    The new name for the Wunderbug must be the Thunderbug!

  • 500nickp
    500nickp2 დღის წინ

    You need a vacuum pump from a diesel car and run a booster as well as a full brake overhaul.

  • Thomas Beaver
    Thomas Beaver2 დღის წინ

    Just finished watching the whole build series and subscribed. I would really like to see that video on what you have into the project besides sweat and tears and blood. Also, what kind of range do you have when using the proper charger. Having built robots for television shows like Battlebots and Robot Wars, I am familiar with electric motors, motor controllers and charge controllers. Anyway, great job on the video and the build. I admire your courage and perseverance.

  • trevor deane
    trevor deane3 დღის წინ

    The brake servo that you wish to fit does not make the brakes better. What a brake servo does is allow the driver to use less pressure on the pedal and thus gives the impression of "better" brakes. All you need is some form of vacuum operated pump to work the servo. As soon as you mentioned the rear brakes locking up and overheating I knew straight away that it was the load-sender valve. Very common fault.

  • Eduard Wiens
    Eduard Wiens3 დღის წინ

    When the brakes get that hot. The springs inside lose their springiness and dont work anymore. One time that hot and you need to change all the springs

  • Cam R
    Cam R3 დღის წინ

    Just scary to watch someone doing these conversions and modifications with no proper mechanical ticket. When the other mechanics wouldn’t work on it that Is a huge red flag. Having the brake system fail that many times is just silly to be driving it on major roads.

  • soleseaker1989
    soleseaker19894 დღის წინ

    Honestly I’d try and retrofit front and rear brakes from an MK3/4 gti or Jetta.

  • Tom Anderson
    Tom Anderson4 დღის წინ

    Can't you get AAA roadside assistance?

  • MockingBird Ex
    MockingBird Ex4 დღის წინ

    What a Labor of Love! :0)

  • steven mitchell
    steven mitchell6 დღის წინ

    with all of the conversions in this van have you thought of going from drum brakes on the rear to disc on the rear? just a thought.... i used to run a shop with my father years ago and we have done many conversions on VW's. well good luck and i will be watching. nice job on the electric conversion as well!

    FORADDRESS6 დღის წინ

    It's very unresponcible and folish to drive with your breaks. fool!

  • Strange Face
    Strange Face7 დღის წინ

    Loved watching this fab journey. Good luck Louis.

  • Headhunter 1
    Headhunter 17 დღის წინ

    Get a new proportionating valve and replace it. All brake cylinders , all pads and shoes. Brake master cylinder. New already. The proportionating valve distribute the fluid To the front and back in specific proportions. Without it The fluid will be evenly distributed causing the back brake to hold Before the front. Booster also a better brake assist and makes the Foot pedal softer .

  • MuckelMc
    MuckelMc8 დღის წინ

    So far I find this a really cool project ! Keep it up :)

  • bo diddley
    bo diddley9 დღის წინ

    this whole build is the best video series of one of these I've seen - ever; and I've watched them all!

  • bo diddley

    bo diddley

    9 დღის წინ

    but yeah...all the potential issues and limited range ...and lack of professional help...and a full workshop... lol...have kept me on the sidelines for now

  • Carlos Von Dysiak
    Carlos Von Dysiak10 დღის წინ

    Dude, transforming such an old car to a modern powered by electric motor requires upgrading or at least checking and maintaining gearbox, breaks, drive train, suspension etc. Now in such powerfull car, completely different forces are at work. Therefore there will be some faults all the time. You shouldn't drive it until you maintain it. Also driving a fully electric car requires from you constant checking battery power level (I assume you have a gauge witch indicates it) and carefully plannig yor route from point A to B considering location of charging stations. Other than that it's modern and classic at the same time 😉 I love it ❤😍 My suggestions for the name are : Voltswagen, ZappZilla, WattVan, BugVolt 😁😉 cheers

  • Love Crypto
    Love Crypto11 დღის წინ

    "Electric Orange"

  • Paul Beijnon
    Paul Beijnon11 დღის წინ

    Very nice to look at all steps in your process and your achievements building your project! I can imagine that certain technical person will have critical remarks on several points, but you have also realized an enjoyable movie.

  • Tessa Painter
    Tessa Painter12 დღის წინ

    I have the same brake/regen problem with my EV West kit. Have you got a solution yet? They told me to add a diode, but I could not get it to work. So I just run without......

  • Todd McCardle
    Todd McCardle14 დღის წინ

    Isn't there a way you could have a couple batteries that are like reserve that way whenever you're getting close to dead you can have reserve batteries to kick on cuz you got what like 17 batteries I think you said so if you take fine place for three more and make it even 20 and use the extra three for reserve

  • Todd McCardle
    Todd McCardle14 დღის წინ

    Isn't there a way you could have a couple batteries that are like reserve that way whenever you're getting close to dead you can have reserve batteries to kick on cuz you got what like 17 batteries I think you said so if you take fine place for three more and make it even 20 and use the extra three for reserve

  • Steven Schenck
    Steven Schenck15 დღის წინ

    First thing I’ve done on every VW build his switch out to four-wheel-disk brakes there are a few companies that do that

  • dazgreen
    dazgreen17 დღის წინ

    I’m baffled how you got this far and don’t know what a driveshaft is 😂

  • SocialDistancenoob
    SocialDistancenoob18 დღის წინ

    Who else watch his video for the first time then kept watching him

  • Carl Lubrin
    Carl Lubrin18 დღის წინ

    Just wondering cause u need electric to charge ur testler couldn’t u hook up the testler to a solar power and charge it while ur driving ?

  • Patrick Wareham
    Patrick Wareham19 დღის წინ

    Name it the "WUNDERBAR". German but sticks to the wander bug theme.

  • Argyros Vivum
    Argyros Vivum20 დღის წინ

    A fan ? Idk

  • Argyros Vivum
    Argyros Vivum20 დღის წინ

    Great 👍🏼 👍🏼

  • Argyros Vivum
    Argyros Vivum20 დღის წინ

    🤭 hehehe 🤣, I wonder if there a way to use a bicycle 🚲 to power up the battery , lol! Cycles ! And exercising at the same time , who knew? ☝️🤭😂 idk 🤷🏽‍♂️!

  • Gordon Ellens
    Gordon Ellens21 დღის წინ

    ❤️ am soo happy for you and will want to see you safe on your futher adventures my brother, be strong and God bless. 🙏

  • Alex Castro
    Alex Castro21 დღის წინ

    Name Idea: Sparky

  • Theonlyonestanding
    Theonlyonestanding22 დღის წინ

    I would've turn my vehicle into hybrid gas and electric

  • Nerdsch!t enterprises
    Nerdsch!t enterprises23 დღის წინ

    How much Volts have this bus?

  • Dino Pasic
    Dino Pasic23 დღის წინ

    Well, from my experience girls or woman's dont like experiments very much 😬. Im also someone who like experiments, technology, adventure...but sometimes you feel alone with your idea. About bus, how about putting strong 400w solar panels on the roof? What i have noticed, maybe you have too much torque in first gear, maybe that was the reason why axle is broken. Second, you don't notice when your brake is braking while you are driving so that is causing heat. You need to be sure that is braking when it should, and also that is free when you don't brake. It causes lot problems yes, but that is prototype, once it's ready you know how to make a better one 😉. Jehu have collected some of that experience and they are pretty unique in that branche.

  • eile
    eile25 დღის წინ

    Your brake problem is common when people work on brakes without know how they work and swap forward and backward shoe so they get hard to release and brake by them self.

  • lostsignalreception
    lostsignalreception26 დღის წინ

    Did you re-grease the wheel bearings after being cooked?

  • Sophiasphere
    Sophiasphere26 დღის წინ

    What are you using to vlog these days :)

  • Andreas Jungbluth
    Andreas Jungbluth29 დღის წინ

    hi, I like the idea of old car and new tech. my question is ... what is the price of everything together .. so drive battery coffee nerves and patches :-) Greetings from VW Bus Home Germany THX for Googles Translate :_)

  • Nerfi Mcnerfnerf
    Nerfi Mcnerfnerf29 დღის წინ

    How is this even street legal?

  • Myster Ser
    Myster Ser29 დღის წინ

    Raya is such a rider!!

  • Busters Garage
    Busters Garageთვის წინ

    After rebuilding the brakes and installing a new CV shaft: 1. Replace the deleted brake proportioning valve. You'll get better braking performance with a good working one (about 60% of your braking should be up front) 2. I would replace or at least repack the rear wheel bearings 3. Replace the rear wheel studs 4. Not drive around with brake shoes all the way backed off, they should be readjusted ---I know it's a bit late, but I can give you a bit of a "How to the why" this happened. Drum brakes are effective when adjusted properly, but drums inherently do not dissipate heat as well as modern disc brakes. Heat is the enemy of braking force, wheel-bearings/cv shaft joint bearings and tires ;) The stock brakes on a VW bus are already asked to do quite a lot for their purpose, but are sufficient for a stock bus. A failed proportioning valve can cause all sorts of issues and pressure build-up in parts of the circuit. On setup: Drum brakes require specific attention on setup and on initial installation to ensure correct location/drag/break-in/etc. -Too tight, they drag and generate lots of heat and can seize -Too loose, they're weak/spongy, they can bind up, generate lots of heat and can seize -Too loose, the CAN even allow the wheel cylinder to push the piston straight out of the cylinder - losing all pressure -Left to Right imbalance of adjustment can cause pulling while braking or over-working one-side and effectiveness is reduced Drum brakes without the automatic adjusters require regular adjustment as they wear in (not sure if yours had them) Brakes in general are prone to sticking/locking up after overheating, especially if any of the components warp. Likely reason for CV shaft failure and the smoking was dragging Brake Shoes: The electric motor will produce enough torque to overcome the initial drag easily. A little bit of heat will reduce the effectiveness of the brakes and/or cause gas build-up in the system (feeling spongey) The "snowballing" of heat: As heat builds up "heat soaking" the drum and bearings, it will cause the above, plus... Can thin the grease enough to leak from the seals or even smoulder if hot enough in the hub and outer CV joint. Burnt-off/leaked grease reduces the ability of the bearings to stay lubricated, increasing heat & wear and weakening them... This is how the grease, rubber seals, tires, etc can catch fire. Repeat this cycle enough or get it hot enough, the metal will anneal. Once cooled, combine the sticky brakes, weakened metal components and the torque from the electric motor, you can snap things super handy. Sincerely, Ken (Busters Garage)

  • Leonardo Tinamisan
    Leonardo Tinamisanთვის წინ

    name it WALL-E

  • Jeff Henley
    Jeff Henleyთვის წინ

    I'm just glad you are still alive. You really need some help from EV.

  • mehrWissen Woller
    mehrWissen Wollerთვის წინ

    Hello. Sorry about my bad english. But i think i had the same problem with brakes at the back some years ago. Sometimes they work fine but if i was using the "handbrake" the weels always geting hot. After i took a hammer and used it on the wheel/brakes it was possible to drive again. Sometimes it was heating up without using the handbrake on the highway. So i need to cool them down with water and use the hammer again. Yes i i installed new brakeshoes, zylinder. And again the weels geting hot again. But now they are working! I changed the brake hose on both side at the back. I changed them in 2008, my T2a Bus ist from 1971 (first brake hose i think). I found some people in the internet wich was talking about the brake hose can swollen inside. So if you use the brake the fluid pushes the zylinder, but the spring force of the brakes at the back cant push the fluid back. After some days or using the could push the fluid back till you use the break again.

  • Bill Inns
    Bill Innsთვის წინ


  • omgurheadsgone
    omgurheadsgoneთვის წინ

    That thing is a metal death machine... dude, don’t these things have to past a safety test? Don’t want to come check on the channel and hear this thing ended up being the death of you...

  • juan espinosa
    juan espinosaთვის წინ

    Hi, how many miles or kilometers and hours the batteries have autonomy before discharging

  • Matthew Madine
    Matthew Madineთვის წინ


  • DMWI
    DMWIთვის წინ

    Gas or Electric, sooner or later, you end up pushing it. Just kidding. Keep plugging away. Brakes are #1 Be safe.

  • Lukas Vandeweege
    Lukas Vandeweegeთვის წინ


  • Ludix147
    Ludix147თვის წინ

    Lol how is it even legal for you to drive this on public roads?

  • tokyomarichan
    tokyomarichanთვის წინ

    Absolutely idiotic. Please think about what you're doing here. You're putting lives at risk just for entertainment!

  • Michael Twing
    Michael Twingთვის წინ

    Are you starting a family?

  • sparky Jackson
    sparky Jacksonთვის წინ

    Modern tech makes life so much easier 😂😂😂😂😂

  • favorite Darrin
    favorite Darrinთვის წინ

    Way to hang tough 👍💪

  • Rich Mpanga
    Rich Mpangaთვის წინ

    question and comment for the algo

  • Mark O'Phaeley
    Mark O'Phaeleyთვის წინ

    I know that it's a labor of love but what a nightmare! This is sad for me as I have always dreamed of having an electric VW Bus.

  • anunchai pliansaneh
    anunchai pliansanehთვის წინ

    When you put the Wheel brake’s cylinders did you back the brake ajuster (contact point return) maybe you need to back the ajuster more fine tune it, to go with this larger wheel set

  • TheEVside
    TheEVsideთვის წინ

    Hi just subbed and binge watched this series love the effort and love that has gone into the project and can’t wait to watch more!

  • 100mpgus
    100mpgusთვის წინ

    it is painful to watch you continue to drive with a HUGE brake problem. It was a simple fix for any backyard mechanic. But glad it is fixed and you should get much better range....since the friggen brakes are not on. sheesh.

  • Jeff Greenspon
    Jeff Greensponთვის წინ

    As a younger man, I enjoyed living on the edge. I'm glad that I had people in my life that believed in the power of prayer. Fortunately I got through those reckless and impassioned days, and I'm proud to be able to look back on them. Thank you for the memories.

  • xxwookey


    14 დღის წინ

    yeah this brings back a lot of memories of not-particularly-sensible (often automotive-related) things in my past too.

  • Nhà Đất Hóc Môn Giá Tốt
    Nhà Đất Hóc Môn Giá Tốtთვის წინ

    Great! Wishing tobe like him!

  • Dan Rubio
    Dan Rubioთვის წინ

    Keep at it Louis! Cheering you on man. Nice editing on this one, also the bad parts are awesome. Feeling what you feel. 😖

  • Remi O
    Remi Oთვის წინ

    contact me i will explain the brake problem

  • Remi O
    Remi Oთვის წინ

    I can't beleve you made all's this weeks doing this video, and , no one told you your brakes was not working proprely !!!!

  • chrisdmamo
    chrisdmamoთვის წინ

    Amazing! I admire your tenacity. Very satisfying to watch but felt anxious for you at times.

  • 1hemming
    1hemmingთვის წინ

    to bad you cant get someone to bring you a gallon of electrons!!

  • woffotube
    woffotubeთვის წინ

    you should wear your mask sitting in a car with another guy :-(

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blowთვის წინ

    Truly impressed with what you have done so far and hope this doesn't stop you from moving forward, although I agree you should get it all sorted before hitting the freeway. Check out Great resource for vintage VW issues and lots of conversion info out there. Lots of cranky old school purists who may hammer you about an electric setup but I believe a lot of the Subaru engine and brake conversion threads will apply to your brake issue.

  • MasterBill LA
    MasterBill LAთვის წინ

    koool lil electruc Bus!!!/WonderBug!!!

  • Tylor Herbert
    Tylor Herbertთვის წინ

    What ever happened to foodforlouis?? I remember watching that stuff when I was younger and you just crossed my mind when I saw a dead deer the other day and I couldn’t remember the channel name until now lol, hope your doing well. I loved your videos I’m glad I found your still making them

  • Hollow Dog
    Hollow Dogთვის წინ

    Hopefully you don't kill some innocent person.

  • Dunc P
    Dunc Pთვის წინ

    18:28 - CV Axle (Constant Velocity Axle) that transfers rotational power from the transmission to the wheels. Great journey documentation... damned sorry you aren't enjoying the whole endeavour but I guess this is how journeys are.... with minor pitfalls. Quick question - Why no just disable the rear brakes because they are almost mostly useful in the e-brake scenario as the discs do 80%-90% of the braking??

  • Jesper Bech
    Jesper Bechთვის წინ

    Go to EVwest and get that bus fixed!

  • John Kelly
    John Kellyთვის წინ

    This is what I what to see, highly unskilled guy actually working on cars or traveling around the world without the drama, pure adventure. Look at the view numbers, Louis getting married 69k, Louis fixing old vw 695k. I kinda miss adventurous Louis.

  • David Wright
    David Wrightთვის წინ

    Motor and coupler for other Van's any info

  • Nina Reeves
    Nina Reevesთვის წინ

    The “e-money pit”?.?

  • ATOMOS 1

    ATOMOS 1

    13 დღის წინ

    Scotty Kilmer!?

  • Just Chris
    Just Chrisთვის წინ

    I’m digging this project. On a side note , congratulations on your documentary. I received my copy this morning.

  • wen hao wong
    wen hao wongთვის წინ

    your brake piston is jam, if anything happen to brake system jam stop immediately do not wait until the brake is fade then only try to stop. you are so lucky the tire didn't burst when u are driving.

  • indiefolk
    indiefolkთვის წინ

    this puts people's lives in danger...

  • Sachin Weerasinghe
    Sachin Weerasingheთვის წინ

    All this trouble to get some shitbox to run again. Should have just bought a new electric VW van.

  • nerfkhat
    nerfkhatთვის წინ

    Yea upgrade your brakes man. Any race or custom auto shop can do that.

  • pablo silva
    pablo silvaთვის წინ

    Good luck bud. I know you will eventually be able to cure your breaking aches. What a journey!

  • Renegade
    Renegadeთვის წინ

    I think the guy just had a strong accent, it's CV not CB lol

  • Wayne Sitarz
    Wayne Sitarzთვის წინ

    Pay a mechanic to upgrade your brakes

  • O H
    O Hთვის წინ

    thank u for the series!

  • lu tomson
    lu tomsonთვის წინ

    What a cluster...the expectations were unrealistic for sure...

  • gen kidama
    gen kidamaთვის წინ

    this van is now estimated at $1M.

  • The Begg Family Antics
    The Begg Family Anticsთვის წინ

    How much regen do you get? If you’ve got it set up right, you should hardly need to use the brakes. My Renault Zoe is set up that way. Ah! I see you’re having issues getting regen working. Good luck with that.

  • Skater Stimm
    Skater Stimmთვის წინ

    This is how you learn. Trial by fire, literally.

  • pangrac1
    pangrac1თვის წინ

    You just enjoying all the perks from the ascent of the car mobility again. It tooks 100 years for combustion car to get bit realiable now is EV turn. 😉🔋🔌💡

  • pangrac1
    pangrac1თვის წინ

    I dont get it. EV West dont have any solution for brakes? EV cars use electric brake booster.

  • Kane and Pia Muehlenbeck
    Kane and Pia Muehlenbeckთვის წინ

    How much has this retrofit cost you so far?

  • Ary Widos
    Ary Widosთვის წინ

    Old car with new tech, obviously breaking system need the 1st attention to upgrade

  • David Barry
    David Barryთვის წინ

    Hey Louie, love ,love love your work mate. Old school brakes can be sooooo frustrating, I muck about with the older type of vehicals also. Here in Australia we can't do mods to cars like you have done, which is so sad. So now that the brakes are not causing drag what is the range of your Kombelon. (A Kombie inspired by Elon)

  • Stephen James
    Stephen Jamesთვის წინ

    The description of being stuck across the three lanes there was painfully vivid. One of my worst nightmares... Very impressed by your determination!!

  • Jaime Melgar
    Jaime Melgarთვის წინ