31 years in a field, vw bus, will it run?


for part 2 gecold.info/down/ent5tp_InM7To5Q/video.html


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    to watch part 2 click here, gecold.info/down/ent5tp_InM7To5Q/video.html

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    Mustie1 hh

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    Mustie1 i

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    you calling the capacitor a "condenser" was really throwing me off. i was wondering why you were looking at the AC condenser at all until i realize you meant the cap lol

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    Remember to get a tetanus booster shot every 10 years

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    11:24 hearing that cable sing, while you were standing right there made me pucker in a big way.

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    sweet - show more please

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    At 46:00 it starts....waiting.....waiting....”HA” There it is - the Mustie1 laugh. Won’t start?? We’ll see about that. 😀👍

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    I think that 8 track in the player was the 1979 red shell version of pink Floyd- the wall

  • 2017 mazda cx5 AWD
    2017 mazda cx5 AWDთვის წინ

    Two words FIX IT

  • 2017 mazda cx5 AWD

    2017 mazda cx5 AWD

    თვის წინ

    Wait its a parts only ..... OK I'm retarded

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    انا احب هاذا النوع من الفيديو هات استمر انا من سوريا

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    Is that a Cord next to it?

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    Old American car: "Engage starter for a maximum of 15 seconds, then turn key off and wait two minutes before trying again." Old VeeDub: "Engage starter until the battery goes dead."

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    what a turd

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    good old german work !

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    parts only vehicle!!!!!!

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    One thing I learned fast was to bring spare wheels when retrieving ol rusty bits

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    35:35 jeez - that made me reach for my inhaler....

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    Love a WESTY BAY.

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    Oh hey looks like the short bus I took to school lol

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    Is a German quality car German workmanship Volkswagen is the best at the weld

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    You the best…

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    some talk too much

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    Just came past this video again Funny to know that this was the very first video i saw on your channel

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    I think I got tetanus, pneumonia and 3 kinds of cancer just watching this.

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    Starters owe this man money

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    LOL!!! "Found the key!" (16:38)

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    Cool Stop those videos Not a story

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    Damn... The guy should have paid YOU to take that thing.

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    ..Is that Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang sitting there next to the bus?....

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    Hay mustie love what you do i do the same keep it up

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    At least pink Floyd survived.

  • Ed Kramer
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    GEE ZUSS, nearly TEN MILLION VIEWS for a scrap sodding Westphalia camper. No wonder we're done, dudes. Congratulations Mustie1, you tapped into global madness, and struck GOLD. Happy Christmass.

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    We are not here to watch some camper...

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    46:00 no (your welcome).

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    What's up whit the sup titles you can't even see the screen good..

  • Michele Zeszutko
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    If it is German you can bet your boots it will run.

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    Short answer: no

  • steve rogers
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    Looks like a 1970 Westfalia pop top camper. I bought one nw, had Radial tires exchanged, Spare tire mounted on nose and All the camp gear including the tent. $5200. out the door price in Burbank, CA. Put 350,000 miles on it. 6 engines 22 tire changes. sold it for $ 2,500. Air-cooled in Southern California was not the way to go.

  • Ермил Кураев
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    Sounds like an old John Deere tractor

  • виталий иванов
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    the engine has completely dried up over the years of downtime, the wires were gnawed by rodents,there is no compression in the cylinders 100%, the meaning of the fact that you turn it endlessly?

  • виталий иванов
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    you're crazy.which is far from technical

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    Another "Will it run after x number of years"? Yawn! They always do!

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  • cros19 silva
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    Não sei são loucos ou teimosos, fazer um motor desses pegar desse jeito, pelo menos desmonta e limpa o carburador.

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    Wow, awesome video! 😊

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    I own a 1990 car VW Tip25 (T3). Gasoline. It's just a buzz! From Russia-with love!

  • Bruce
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    What a piece of junk, hope you didn't pay too much for it. And it would be a nightmare for parts.

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    What about the much older car next to the shitbox...???

  • john putt
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    i remember keeping that big axle socket in my '63 Westfalia's tool box in the 70's. Good way to turn the mechanics on that old engine too! Your vid made me smile. Peace, baby

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    ofc it will run after you done fixing it ... 47 mins saved

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    Interesting how this old machine is fighting for its second life. Good luck with the restoration!

  • Peter Roberts
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    A going over with T cut and a oil filter change and be like new...

  • gp40mc
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    You picked this bus up from my parents' friends! Always loved seeing the bus back in the field when we went to their house. So cool to see this video and glad it went somewhere where it can be put to use.

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    So we got in the red VW microbus with the shovels and rakes and implements of destruction...

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    Привет. Давайте продолжение выкладывайте что с ним дальше сделали.

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    you work hard

  • Scotch on the Rocks
    Scotch on the Rocks5 თვის წინ


  • Jose Luis Salinas
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    En Mexico la areglan mejor

  • mnc delisi
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    31 jsjsjsjjss

  • Fergulix
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    You should not use the hydralic lift to have the car elevated above ground, use a couple of those static jack stands aswell to secure the ride.

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  • Clodd
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    Alot of people found this attractive after it appeared in their recommendation zone. Y'all cool

  • AlexCustomPCBuilds
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    Mustie: are we getting it from the back or the front? Friend: *Yes*

  • A Charles S Drumming Channel Peace & Hope.

    A Charles S Drumming Channel Peace & Hope.

    5 თვის წინ

    Boys got the gear

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    Jin: no fix

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    It sounds like a lawnmower

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    After i heard the engine i felt good dont know why

  • Carvalho
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    i leaning driving in a car like that, here in Brazil we call Kombi... very nice car

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    25:21 hey thares my sunglasses

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    Good on you!

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    is that yours or did you just hijack that bus?

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    Vorsprung durch Technik

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    Start , Stop, Start , Stop HAA Start , Stop, Start , Stop :):):)

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    Tapferer kleiner VW Bus!

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    31 sjsjsjsj türkler anladı çekin çekin

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    Sounds like a old tractor

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    Damn. That’s in bad shape.

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    Закоксованные кольца. Надо бы залить жижу в цилиндры, подождать, чтобы грязь растворилась.

  • Kostyantyn Kulikov

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    @Tess ret лучше купить готовую и желательно пену. В любом специализированном магазине есть. На худой конец ацетон или другой растворитель. Только надо продуть перед стартом или провернуть без свечей, чтобы не было гидроудара.

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    Tess ret

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    а что за жижа ?

  • dende2401
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    Isn't it better to do an oil change after all this time before you try to start the engine? The oil should have the consistency of honey and all deposits are now pumped back through the engine.

  • Jerry Willette
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    I think I know spiderwebs

  • Ricky Wojcik
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    The little winch that could...

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    New subscriber nice video

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    Made it through the whole video without watching one ad✊

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    This video definitely deserves "THE MOST BORING VIDEO" award!

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    5 თვის წინ

    Nah for car enthusiasts it's great

  • Wilfred Prins
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    What was is parked next to, That car is worth to be rescued to

  • Scott Gibson
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    You found my sunglasses!

  • Ronald Repscher
    Ronald Repscher5 თვის წინ

    Did a lot of work like you do. I enjoy watching you

  • Graeme toobux
    Graeme toobux5 თვის წინ

    Its getting a little sad when you are back watching Mustie 1 reruns for maybe the 3rd time, but it is the middle of the night and I need to get some sleep, not that Mustie puts me to sleep but it won't matter if I do drop off, his channel is always a good watch.

  • House_Owl
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    I don't trust anything as much as this guy trusts his winch cables

  • Kevin Ryan
    Kevin Ryan5 თვის წინ

    I've seen worse restored! Lots of life in that van yet.

  • Justin Green
    Justin Green5 თვის წინ

    16:22-18:58 LPL enters the chat.

  • The Restoration of Dr Who
    The Restoration of Dr Who5 თვის წინ

    This is ur most popular vid 🙂

  • bumboclat
    bumboclat5 თვის წინ

    I should really get back to work. Oh "31 years in a field VW bus will it run?"

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    That damn thing fought for survival

  • Falxie_
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    This is making me want to get into fixing old things like this now

  • Terry Ezzell
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    Bryan must either be a close relative or one hell of a good friend